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Helpful TV Remote Control for PSP Sufferers

My mother can no longer use the remote control for her television, because it it too complicated and confusing.

I have found that simplified remote controls are available, with just the On/Off, channel changer and volume adjustment buttons. My mother can use this and is prolonging an aspect of her independence just a littlelonger.

There are several products on the market, but if you are interested I purchased something called the "Doro HandleEasy 321rc Universal Infrared Remote Control", which is stated to work on all UK televisions.

(Sorry, this isn't a question, just thought I'd document it anyway).

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Hi Amanda,

That is really great news and I'm sure will be of help to many people. My step-dad wasn't able to use the remote either but we never managed to find a suitable alternative.

Maybe we should try to get a separate section headed up 'Useful Gadgets' or similar. We recently found out about a toothpaste that didn't need to be rinsed out "BioXtra" - which was brilliant for us as it meant Roy didn't have to struggle trying to rinse.

All the best to you and your family x


This is brilliant. I also like your idea of a section called "useful ideas" It could help with simple practical ideas like how to make eating easier by turning the plate or raising the plate on top of books etc. How could we do this? Buying equipment to make daily life easier is very espensive.


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