September 11

It was Mum's birthday on Sunday. I think she had a good day although it was no doubt quite a tiring day for her. Lots of visitors and no less than 3 birthday cakes!

This time last year Mum was in a rehab bed after breaking her leg in a fall and the outlook was not that bright - in fact I wasn't really sure that she would see her 79th birthday! It hasn't been an easy year and there have been a lot of changes for Mum, Dad, bro, sis and me to deal with but I am so grateful that Mum is still with us. Dad has borne the brunt of the changes and continues to do a fabulous job of caring for Mum even though he finds it difficult sometimes.

I wonder what the year ahead holds and yet am glad that I don't know; it is easier to deal with things one day at a time. As my Mum often says "cross that bridge when you come to it"!

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  • Glad that you were all able to celebrate with her, and she must be strong to have got over the broken leg. I am training myself to "cross the bridge when you come to it" but not always easy. May the bridge still be a long long way away for you all.

  • Thank you. It's not so much looking forward to the end that is a problem, it's thinking about all the things that might happen in between.

  • It looks like she had a great birthday. Your mum has a great supportive family around her and it sounds like your dad is doing a fantastic job of looking after your mum. Hold on to the good times and for the rest, just take each day as it comes.

    Happy birthday to your mum.

    Lesley x

  • Thank you. I am popping in later today so will pass on your good wishes.

  • Glad you all had a good day. I've always said " worry about things when you know there's something to worry about & not before " but with PSP that's very difficult to stick to isn't it ? Keep together as a family & you've always got someone to turn to.

    Take care & keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx

  • Hi Hazel,

    You are right it is difficult to stick to but I am learning!


  • At least you are all together! The main thing is the 'one day at a time' thought process and that you have each other. It is a long and painful journey and unfortunately, we know the end so enjoy the small joys!!!!

  • We are lucky that none of us have moved that far away so we are all close at hand. It is a great blessing!

  • i agree completely, since my husband has been in nursing care, he is only 2/3 miles from all of us, he sees more of them now than ever, I spend quality time with him every morning. and the rest of the family "nip" in through out the week It certainly isn't the future we expected or would have chosen but it is the solution that is working out for us.

  • It's certainly a comfort having family so close.Our son lives round the corner & our daughter is about 1 mile away so when I need them it doesn't take long for them to appear. We all speak every day & I keep nothing from them...we don't have secrets in our family. Our son Mark is my " voice of reason " & our daughter Nicola is my emotional support.

    Take care everyone & keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx

  • I hope your Mum had a lovely looks like she was spoilt with all that cake!

    You're Mum sounds very wise, take each day as it comes x

  • Hi Hannah,

    She certainly seemed to enjoy it! How are you? Are you back at uni yet?


  • Aw that's good.

    Im doing OK thanks, after a battle with uni (serious lack of disorganisation) I have my induction today!

    Thanks for asking! :-) x

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