This is for any and all Canadians ..

I am working very hard to get us our own psp site. I can hardly wait!! I think we dropped the ball and alot of us were feeling (and still are) left to help ourselves.

I will be going to a meeting in Markham soon (VP of education for psp in USA) will be helping!

In the meantime, PSP USA ( has listed me as a peer supporter. in addition, has supplied me with a TON of information that I would be happy to mail to all who would like it.

Please do not hesitate to ask, I would love to help.


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  • From Victoria BC my wife June is in her 7th year since it was determined to be PSP several years ago we joined the English society and have found it to be very helpful. You can depend on our support for a Canadian arm of PSP Society my email address is and I have the contact emails of several other BC persons that have PSP. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Richard Mac Donald, P. Eng.

  • Hi there, thanks for replying. I hope all Canadians reply so that I can show them there is a great need! I will put your email in my address book. Also, if you would like, i can send you all the psp info I have and a copy on video of the conference from Los Angeles!! just let me know..

    Am so excited to do this for everyone who needs it in Canada!!

    Happy Canada Day!!


  • Mark

    Are you aware that research & clinical trials associated with PSP in Canada are supported by the Parkinson Society of Canada.

    Have you had any discussions with them ? Perhaps there could be some advantages of your proposed site also being "under the Parkinsons umbrella"

    If not the web address is as follows (copy it into IE or similar)

    I am in England and my wife has PSP. Our youngest son lives in Saskatchewan and also has some contacts in curepsp. I will endeavour to get you their contact details.

    Good luck


  • Hi Roger

    I sure am aware that Allon is Canadian!! I wish things could move quicker though for my Dad. I understand why it takes so long however it is frustrating.

    Any help or contacts would be appreciated. I am going to get this done,

    Thank you!


  • Excuse my ignorance but who or what is Allon?

  • Allon is the name of the drug company that produces Davunetide. Its in BC.

  • Mark

    I assume you have been on the uk website at

    If you want some contacts at PSP Association

    the CEO is Fergus Logan and he can be contacted at and his phone is 011441327322410

    I am sure PSPA will be willing to advise & support



  • Mark

    My son has been in touch with his contact at curepsp and he is quite happy for you to contact him directly.

    He is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at CurePSP

    If you advise me of your email address I will forward his contact details to you.


  • I am a Canadian! My mailing address is; Box 887, Rossland,B.C., V0G 1Y0.

  • Lynda hi there!

    Would you like me to mail you some information and a psp video? Let me know....

    I hope all Canadians check in here so I can show them the real need for support!!


  • Linda, my email address is

    I would like to purolate your info to you but they will not deliver to a PO Box. If you could sent me your physical address, you can get this quicker.



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