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I need to know what the care support is like in Hertfordshire(near Royston).My husband has just been diagnosed and we need to move house,

We have been 3-4 years waiting for a diagnosis and he is going downhill physically ,mobility and his eyes are the worst.

It is a huge thing to move away again,only been here 4 years,but we need to know the long term best care for him.

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Hi, are you a member of the PSPA? If not, it would be a good idea so you can get information from us and you would be able to attend our local support group which is a good place to find out about local services. Deciding where to move is a complex decision, it would be a good idea to discuss with your husbands OT so they can advise you on future requirements. Or you could call your PSP nurse and talk it through. For information about joining call 01327 322410 or visit


Its also worth saying that membership to PSPA is free to everyone with PSP and CBD, their carers, spouses and partners. Support groups are open to everyone and you dont have to become a member to attend - we'd love to see you there!


I am local to you between Baldock & Royston.

There is a local support group meeting held at the Letchworth Hospice every 4 months or so.

My father recently died from CBD but am happy to talk to you about what was available to him should you want


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