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Half & Half

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person?

I tend to be the glass half full type for the most part, although there are times when the glass gets pretty empty. I haven't seen Mum since Tuesday as I have been away for a long weekend and she seemed more with it today than she did then. We had a little chat about what she had done since I last saw her and, apart from getting the days muddled up, what she said tied up with what I had heard elsewhere. An hour later she was sitting there with her eyes closed, picking up the odd, random phrase from TV and including it in her conversation. It's been a half and half kind of day.

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I am so glad you shared that, gives a good feeling to all carers and maybe my glass will be the same as yours was, today


Kay, I hope your day turns out to be more full than empty.


Half and half isn't a bad day- if you can find the 'full' bit, something at all to celebrate, you're doing well. It's so hard sometimes to find any brightness isn't it?


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