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Speech Therapy


My sister has been having visits from the Speech Therapist. They have been very helpful. When my sister's speech started to get a bit slurred she was given some voice exercises to do first thing in the morning to relax the throat muscles which had got tight during the night. This certainly helped.

Things got worse , because swallowing became a problem and she could not get rid of the saliva in her mouth. Now her speech is practically non existent.

One tip which helps. Get the sufferer to speak slowly, and speak if she is speaking to a deaf person. Really shape the words with her mouth. The speech therapist can help with so many problems, swallowing, eating etc - she is your friend - use her. With PSP you have to have help, advice and support from so many - never be afraid to ask and demand.


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Hey Maeve, I was wondering if your sister is getting botox injections? they really helped with my granddad's saliva before he passed, you can get your doc to prescribe them if not.


Hi Maeve....Frank had terrible trouble clearing saliva until he was prescribed Atropine Sulphate drops. They're actually eye drops but one of the side effects was a dry mouth so they work well with PSP patients. I used to put a small drop under his tongue after " meals " then again at bedtime. All this was on advice from his Neurologist. The bedtime one really helped but he then needed a drink when he woke up.

Hope this helps. Take care & keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx


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