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We keep pushing through day after day. Swallowing is the chief problem every single day, and we are making all the necessary changes as best we can. What a journey this has been --- I want to share my appreciation and deep gratitude for all of you on this platform. Thank you.

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That’s all you can do, keep pushing through. You are doing a brilliant job & can’t do better. In my thoughts & prayers always ❤️XxxX

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Any mother would be proud to have a daughter like you, Kim. Momma is never too far from my mind xx

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Your photo captures so much, such love and tenderness between the two of you.

Keep strong xxx

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A big hug.



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I think it’s because of your loving care and the wonderful trips, your ideas, etc that you arranged for you and your mom, creating precious memories, that has kept you both going. This is a photo showing that love. Thank you for sharing.

Love to you both

Marion xx

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Love this picture! You can see in the picture that you are your mom’s joy too! You are so great at finding the joy in everyday and reminding me to do the same! Thank you for the boost!

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Your lovely photo says it all. My thoughts are with you, take all the advice and help you can get with the swallowing - I know what you are going through - Big hug x

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This is an absolutely beautiful photo. Shows the love of two people who know each other beyond all the pain. Cherish x

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We are all connected through the small triumphs and hugh trials of this disease. Here for you at this crossroad and the days to come. Courage and Hugs!!

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Your Momma is loved, and so are you. A big hug to both.

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You are a very strong lady. You are doing a wonderful job looking after you beautiful mum. All we can do is try the best we can. Its very tough seeing our mums like this i know but we keep pushing. So much love to you and your mum. And lots of hugs to you both.❤🌻

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Beautiful photo, of two beautiful people.

Sending love to you both

Tippy xxx

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what a wonderful photo, sending you both loads of love ❤️ xx

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You remain a total star. And what a lovely photo...

Richard x

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Hi. I lived through this trauma with my sister who was doing all she could to make her husband comfortable as PSP took its toll. . I salute all carers who manage to cope with all the challenges that this disease throws at their loved one while continuing to rise above the situation and simultaneously deal with the day to day tasks that affect us all. You are wonderful.

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You always do your very best for your lovely mom and she is one lucky lady to get all of the love and care you give her, I’m sure she knows that. It is the hardest time when the swallowing becomes such an issue for them, you want to fix it but can’t. Keep on doing what you’re doing Kim, pushing through and showing your devoted love to her. Sending love Kate xxx

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