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His trial is over

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Hello Friends,

As expected, my lovely husband Mike passed away yesterday evening. He passed peacefully, none of the usual signs that I had been warned to look out for, I was in the kitchen putting away the ice cream after telling him that my dinner was chicken and asparagus and could he smell it ? He decided to leave quietly, no fuss, exactly as he had lived through his illness.

So now is the time to think of him as he was before and remember happier times. Thank you to everyone on this site for the information, support and just being there.


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Me deepest condolences sending you a big hug, take care of yourself. Yvonne xxxxx

What a lovely photo to remember him.It's a comfort that he had a quiet end. I know I found - and still have - great comfort knowing how, after all the indignities and stress of PSP , the end was peaceful for Chris It's so hard dealing with the loss. I'm so sorry. Love Jean xxx

Dear Caroline

Sorry for your loss, be gentle on yourself now - even when we know it is coming it is a huge adjustment.

Love Tippy

Sending gentle hugs... Granni B

Such a nice photo to remember better days. Keep all of the good memories close to your heart and draw on them when you need to. Sorry for your loss.

My sincerest condolences! You and he both have been greatly blessed with his peaceful passing. That is my daily prayer for my husband. May God continue to guide you through this adjustment.

Sending love, hugs and condolences to you Caroline. Now it is time for you to rest and recover. Take care.Anne

Caroline, Deepest condolences! The picture you posted matches exactly with your description of his personality.


Sending you my love and condolences at this time. Make sure you take time to rest and reflect on your happiest times together Denise x

A big hug.Luis

My sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your dear husband.

I am so sorry that you and your husband had to suffer the ravages of this awful disease. A peaceful exit was a true blessing. I've learned that now is the time you take care of yourself. Grieve, sleep and take care of yourself. Catch up on all the things you have set aside to care for spouse. Peace and prayers

What a gorgeous photo, look after yourself, it’s such an awful illness and to know the end was peaceful is a great comfort, sending much love sue xxx

Condolences to you my friend hope you are ok how proud and grateful you must be that he passed at home 💐💕xx

So very sorry for your loss xx

Thinking f you at this sad time. xxx

Thinking of you ❤️

Hugs x

Thinking of you. X

I am sending you a big hug and love to you and your family. What a lovely peaceful way to go and the right way to pass for a gentle man as he obviously was. It must have been a shock for you though, so now it is time to accept all the love that you can from others and let them cushion you whilst you get used to the change in your life and learn to enjoy your memories. My husband died 2 years ago yesterday and those memories helped me so much over the weekend. Take care. Love AliBee xx

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Nanny857 in reply to AliBee1

Thinking of you AliBee ❤️😘

Sending big hug and much loveLots of love


So sorry for your loss. Wishing you peace and love. Linda

Sending condolences, prayers and hugs ❤️

So sorry for your painful loss. As you say, Mike’s struggles are now over. May he rest in peace. May God hold you tenderly in his hands 🙏

Such a beautiful photo, full of love. Sorry you have lost you dear husband. May you find comfort in that he passed away peacefully and he is now at peace. Take care of yourself now.

Lots of love, Nanny857xx

Thinking of you with love and sympathy. Purrlie

So very sorry for loss. Hugs and prayers.


Wish you courage and strength

So sorry for your loss. A peaceful passing is a blessing. Sending warms hugs to you and your family.

So sorry for your loss! My deepest condolences. Hugs

My condolences to you! Sending big hugs your way.

So sorry for your loss, it's quite a journey we are all on. Wishing you love and light for you and all your family xxx

So very sorry for your loss, a lovely photo of you both.

I am so sorry for your loss. Glad that it was peaceful for him. That is what we all wish for our loved ones.

My heart aches for you, Caroline. I too have a Mike. May you find some peace with your caring friends here who grieve with you. Joyce

Sorry for your loss.

So very sorry for your loss, but so thankful he could go in peace and quietly. It will be a journey without him, but rest, and if you feel relief, it's ok.

Condolences and strength to you dear.

Beautiful photo 💜 so sorry for your loss xxx

So very sorry for your loss, sending hugs xx

I am glad it was peaceful. Well done to you. This is one helluva hard road to travel. Richard x

So so sorry for your loss 💔

My sincere condolences to you. Keep the memories of better times, ditch all the others. Rest and look after You. 💔

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