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The PSP Triple Crown Challenge... again

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Okay family and friends, here's the link again. To open press your Ctrl key and click. This opens the link on my end... should work for you too. Sorry Granni B - there's no bathtub in the video... you could improvise.

Press Ctrl key and click

Tim x

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Yesterday and today (with new instructions) NADA.

Thanks for trying.

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daddyt in reply to enjoysalud

mmm? I may have to ask Google.

Tim x

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No go here either!

But I am trying to access from phone and tablet - so no Ctrl key.

Will have to wait until I can get to my computer!

It's raining hard here anyway now so don't need to be cooled down so much!!!!

Just being a 'spoil sport'!

Will have another go when I get home!


Jen xxx

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daddyt in reply to honjen43

mmm? I'll have to ask Google

Tim x

in reply to daddyt

Me too... using tablet - no control key.

Do you have 2 year old grandchild?

TWO Year Olds Know Everything!

Keep up the good mission Tim...

l admire your efforts in the world of technology.

Is it time for an ice cream cone yet?

Sending Hugs of Encouragement... Granni B

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Doesn’t help either.

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daddyt in reply to Artteach10

Okay family and friends, I've tried to figure out the video snafu. This could be an internet speed problem according to YouTube - I still don't understand it... easier to blame it on the Russians. Try this... it worked for me. Click on the play button red box/white error. You'll get the error message. In the bottom right hand corner there is another play button grey/white arrow. Click on this play button, it should take you to YouTube. In the search bar type in The PSP Triple Crown and my video should appear. I'd imagine you go right to YouTube and do this also.

Tim x

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