The PSP Chronicles Early - Mid Fall Update

Hi friends. Don't quite understand what's going on with the blog settings with wordpress and Facebook, cannot post the link or even copy and paste the article. If you're interested in reading the latest update you can go to google and search From there, you can click on any one of the posts to open it and on the right hand side of the publication you can click on Recent Posts. I haven't had a lot of time to visit the forum lately... much is going on.


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  • Your blog arrived in my inbox around same time as your post here! 'Ours not to reason why...' Maybe I ticked 'follow'!

    What a few months! Hope things will improve and be more positive, especially on the family front.

    Admire your determination! You are often in my thoughts as I plod along, planning rather than doing. Have given myself a good talking to and try to get on with it. Don't have any excuses for inaction!

    Love your poem!

    Hugs to you all

    Jen xxx

  • Jen do you know how to copy the link to this site? I haven't received it and can't get into it the way Tim has suggested!

    Marie x

  • Never tried to do it before! Will see if I can. Otherwise could try forward to an email address. Am not very clever that way!


    Jen xxx

  • Tim have tried that but can't get in. Am hoping Jen can send the link.

    How are you? Been wondering as you have been quiet. I thought maybe you were busy on your blog?

    Hope you are alright. Hugs to you.

    Marie x


    Here is the link if I have done it properly! But does it work? Shall pat myself on the back if it does!


    Jen xxx

  • Good grief Jen you did it!! You will have to share the secret with the rest of us! I am impressed, especially as you sent it by email too!

    Marie x

  • Was a typist on computer a long time ago. Don't use it much now but is necessary to cut and paste from! Doesn't seem to be so possible from tablet or phone which I use most!

    With computer, simple right mouse click and pick 'copy URL' and it kindly remembers until you paste it on your reply.

    Not as confidant these days. Just shows what I can do if I get up the courage!

    Feels good!


    Jen xxx

  • Jen I tend to use a tablet so that is probably why I can seldom paste anything?

    I have a computer upstairs but haven't used it for ages. Maybe I will one day.

    Marie x

  • Tim I have managed to read your blog thanks to Jen! She sent it via email. Success!

    I am so sorry to read all you and your family have been through. How is Jack now? I hope and pray he gets well.

    As for you young man...what are you trying to do to yourself? If your legs are causing problems listen to them! If you don't you will end up having a serious fall and Trish doesn't need that too does she? For what it's worth I also think you need some pain killers. Dr Marie says so!

    I am so sad that Mike is not there for you. I knew you would miss him so much. However I am sure he is watching down on you.

    That lady at church was right. You are something of a poet!! I am useless. However maybe I should try? I really liked it you know. Not just saying that either.

    It is cold here too! You put me to shame as I have a garden that looks very unloved at present. Your garden sounds very well loved.

    God bless you Tim. Trish and Jack too. When you are up to it let us know how he is? You can tell us how you are too by the way!😀

    Hugs to you all.

    Love from Marie x

    PS Thanks for the blog as ever! It is really appreciated. Wish I could join you for an ice cream!!

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