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Anyone watching Care on BBC1 ?

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I’m watching it, and oh my god, the home truths it’s hitting me with. Every scene is I did that, that happened with David’s care package, or my mums care package.

I can believe I’m so raw still, particularly the scenes when she snaps at her mum, it’s just how I was with David.

I’ve been close to tears a few times, but ai just can’t turn it off. it’s so incredibly true and close to the bone. Amazing drama.

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Saw the trailer and read a review in the Radio Times, thought 'I bet that will be great'. Then bailed on watching it because I felt it would probably be too emotional.

Maybe one day, but not while I am still fighting PSP with my mum!

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Bargiepat in reply to JA10

It was heartbracking and very hard to watch............ thanks for your posting.

I hit the start of it completely by accident, so it has caught me cold, but by crikey. I’ve had my heart in my throat so many times, and really lived and breathed it.

I think it shows just how much caring takes out of you...

Hi, I live in the USA and don't get BBC. I wish I did. It sounds applicable.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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JodiP in reply to enjoysalud

Me too!

Saw the trailers and decided I couldn`t cope with being reminded of the frustration and anxiety all over again.


I watched it and agreed with the reviewer. I couldn't work out who would get the BAFTA nomination but I bet that the writer doesn't get one though he should.

I did see that it was on, but decided probably not a good idea, I'll stick to Strictly!!! Let's hope a few in power saw it, but I'm betting they have other things on their mind, like how can I cause the most damage to the country and will I get the top job!!!

How are you?

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Me and hubby watched it. Absolutely gripping but very frightening to think it’ s a possible outcome for me(cbd)

The powers that be MUST do something about our care system as this is going to be an increasing problem.

Watching now...............

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Bargiepat in reply to Bargiepat

I had to stop after 10 mins on Iplayer today to go for an apointment for a botox injection and also strangeley a visit to a care home near my daughters.

I will need care 24 hrs sometime next year and thaught it was worth checking out a recently opened care home............... very modern and described as 'luxury'.

Sadly things are getting harder for me as my journey continues..


My thoughts are with you. I will be on a similar journey next. At least you were able to get to Portugal if I remember correctly? Jayne x

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