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Ankle swelling

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I was taking admantadine for six months I stopped it because I developed swelling of the ankles well one ankle... But my ankle still swelling I thought it was the amantadine but my toes curl under also. My question is do you know whether or not dystonia causes swelling of the ankle.. I'm guessing it's dystonia. But I can't find any information on whether or not dystonia causes swelling of ankle. My neurologist appointment is this coming Tuesday.

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More like fluid pooling in the extremities from inactivity. Larry’s right foot was swollen for several months. Recently he was consipated. Giving him a stool softener his foot swelling went down. The fluid was being pulled to his intestines.

Inactivity can cause swelling of lower legs. Try elevating the legs while sitting and even in bed. Compression socks may help also.


So dystonia causes swelling?

I don't know. Inactive is basically non-movement, dystonia is involuntary muscle movement. They are not the same thing.


Hi Rosa,

Do you have a PSP diagnosis? Was just curious ....

Anne G.

No. Parkinson's

We reduced the amantadine from 3per day to 2 per day and it took that swelling away - I also make sure my husband puts his feet up when he is in his chair. This was 'our' experience.

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