Does foot and toes flop up and down in bed?

My husb left foot swings up and down every night as he tries to get to sleep. Some times it is the whole foot ankle that rocks up and down or side to side and sometimes it is just the toes. Is this spasticity? Is this clonus? He can literally do this for an hour or more. I am not trying to stop this but rather want to know if others have experienced or noticed this? It is similar to restless leg yet more repetitive.

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  • Hi Gail66

    My husband's legs or feet move about a lot in bed at night.....I have got used to it now.

    I always have to make sure that he is lying on his back at night because if he is on his side, he rolls over and squashes me and doesn't even realise it, or his elbows stick into me......I am sure they are sharper than they used to be!!!


  • Place a pillow between you . I had to it will help support him at the same time

  • Thanks for that tip....I will try that tonight!!!!

    Would be nice to get an uninterrupted sleep....I suppose I can dream on!!!!!!!


  • I often say Brian gets more exercise at night (no naughty thoughts please) with his legs jumping around all over the place then he does all day and the worse leg for jumping is his stiff leg. Neuro physio said it was all to do with signals from the brain getting muddled. He was on medication for restless legs but it made no difference so we stopped it and he is no worse for not taking it. Jane x

  • does his big toe stick up and do they flop outwards . . If he still walks does his foot drop . As he walks and drag

  • yes big toe definitely sticks up constantly (his smaller toes curl in or fan out sometimes). In the fresh snow his right foot track pointed out slightly. His left foot track always pointed straight ahead but plowed through the snow so you could tell it was dragging snow before it touches down. (thank god he can still walk so I am counting our blessings)

  • yes keep plodding on . sometimes the big toe can be painful . I am not sure it'd it's Dystonia or Dyskinesia . whichever can b painful . I the first place we thought he had gout long before diagnosis . his foot had always had to give a little kick to the side as he walked . just though that was how he was born . can also cause a pain underneath the heel first think on the morning feels like Achilles Once it's stretched mostly wa topped paining . it's such a complex illness . good luck . find all the answers on here

  • I want to add that when we go to the store I can hear his left foot slap on the floor with each step. Slap, slap slap on the left not the right foot. This sounds like foot drop and from what I read about it can be a symptom of motor neuron disease. I am not sure if anyone with PSP ever gets foot drop.

  • My husband drags he leg foot it is worse if he walks a bit, at first I thought he had a stroke, it gets quite bad after a short walk, also I have noticed how cold he's feet are and is sways saying he feels cold Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Hi, S also, drags his left foot. At the gym this week, his class was held in squash court, to warm up, I made him do lots of walking, the quietness of the court, made him realise what he was doing and for a few minutes, made huge strides to stop it. But like everything with this damn disease, it only lasted for those previous moments!!!

    Lots of love


  • my left foot slaps the ground. I don't notice it at home because of carpet. it is loud at clinic. everyone can hear it

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