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Susie, time line for PSP and CoQ10


My primary physician was concerned about my balance issues. She ordered an MRI in Nov 2017. I met with a neurologist in Dec 2017 and was told I had deterioration of the brain stem. I am assuming that this is PSP. What are my options to slow this down? I found a YouTube presentation by Dr. Nikolaus McFarland on PSP and he talked about Co Q10.

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Hello entertaine44:

Has the neurologist actually said that you MAY have PSP? There are (unfortunately) so many types of brain disease that I don't think you should assume PSP based on a comment about deterioration of brain stem. However, I'm not a clinician. If you want to know more about PSP I encourage you to read the PSP Association of the UK website. Their material is the best general material around.

As far as I've read, there is no positive reports from any research indicating CoQ10 is effective against PSP & CBD.

Best wishes to you!

Anne G.


Welcome. :)

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Do try to get a clear diagnosis.

If you are in the UK ask the GP to refer you to a tertiary specialist neurologist. They have a lot more equipment and knowledge compared to a local hosp. neurologist.

Brain Stem does not seem right for either PSP or CBD. Psp is the superior (top part) of the brain and CBD can cover that area as well as the basal gamglia. The brain stem is lower down.

CQ10 looked promising in a pilot study, but a later, fuller, study found it to have no effect on the progression of the disease.

Once you have a clear diagnosis you can look at clinical trials for new treatments.

Best to you


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