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Donation of Furniture


To the admin, sorry if this breaks the rules, please remove if it does

Hi, my father pasted away from PSP 2years ago, and we have a couple of armchairs one of which is a Rise / Tilt / Recline / Massage chair, I think the other one is reclining, we also have a double bed which is a rise facility. We would like to donate this to a family that is in same situation we where in a few years ago, so the benefits can be carried on, other wise they will end up going to the tip, which is a shames as they are in excellent condition.

The furniture must be collected from Pinvin, Worcestershire area, by the 19th July

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Hi Dtns

If you get no takers telephone your local Hospice or the Community Matron (via GP surgery) They may well know family who need these.

Such a generous offer.


I think that's an awesome thing you are doing. I wish I lived close but I am I. The state's Nd I'm desperately looking for a hospital bed for someone to donate

. When the time comes that i won't need it for my mother anymore, I plan on helping another family by donating all the stuff I have left including the bed. God bless and take care

. Christy

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