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Neck pain and botox


My wife Linda was diagnosed 4 years ago with Psp, she is wheelchair bound, with no use of her arms or hands, currently is extremely stiff and the muscle relaxer (baclofen) has no or little effect on her stiffness. Tremor on upper body becoming more and more noticeable. Her biggest complaint is her head is being pulled back in pain. Has anyone had botox applied to the neck to relieve this condition? I would appreciate any information. Baby one can share.

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Hi Tipetipe,

I'm sorry I don't have any advice on this however I didn't want to read and run.

I am flowing this post as my dad suffers with neck stiffness, but the opposite to your wife Linda. His head falls forward and he can't lay it back properly.

I'm sure someone will have some advice soon x

I have no experience with botox, so please excuse this if this reply is not helpful, but I've been interested in the posts about the various types of cannabis-based oils and essences. A friend with arthritis swears by it for pain relief, and several folks, including the amazing Kevin, have been discussing its uses as a relaxant. I wonder if that might not be worth a try. Massage can be good, and worked for my sweetheart in many ways over time.

As an aside, because this may not be helpful or available at this stage for your wife, when his neck started to be torqued, quite early in the disease, which caused nerves to be pinched and sent pain down his arms, chiropractic treatments made a huge and lasting difference.

Best wishes,


Hi Tipetipe, I've no experience of Botox either but like EC, we found treatment with a chiropractor helped. W was having difficulty in turning his head in either direction and was in great pain. Now he has full movement and no pain in his neck.

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