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I have been on dla then pip for 21 years I went to an assessment and was seen to pick up my bag and walk a bit longer than I said because I was in there over 2 hrs when I did get up I coughed and had a accident so Told the lady I was with to help me quickly as I was wet so I was told I failed and they took all my award of me I have sent in a appeal and have been turned down they took 1 day to turn me down I'm not sure what else to do can anyone help thank you

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Hi Margaret

That's a big blow. I'm sorry.

Have a look here:

Just follow it through it is very easy.

Historically a lot of PIP decisions are granted at Tribunal Stage.

Come back to me if you want any clarification.

Best to you


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Margaret there was some good news on TV today about PIP. It seems the government have been told to pay it to people who were turned down. I don't know all the details but look at the news! Good luck that the courts have helped you and lots of others in the same boat.

Marie x

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I'm sorry to report that the Government are only looking into cases where anyone with Mental Health issues such as anxiety and have scored 0 points for this (can't make a journey on their own etc) are being reviewed, Margaret, do NOT give up, take this to tribunal where I'm sure it will be overturned and you will get your PIP back, so many people give up when they shouldn't as they are ENTITLED to this benefit, I hope this helps in some way for you xx


Hi Margaret I heard the same news as Marie. The Department has been told to review every single claim that was turned down. So good luck, I hope you get your benefit reinstated.



I will do a separate post but if you have PSP I am sure you should get PIP payments. So you should see if you can take it further.


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