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My "digital" communication device

My "digital" communication device

Necessary elements:

- A music stand.

- A plasticized alphabet.

- The vowels reinforced in different colors.

- A laser.

- A blackboard and a marker for the caregiver to take note of the letter and phrases.


- Height and distance can be easily adjusted.

- The arm that handles the laser can be supported.

- It is cheap.

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Thank you!


Although my wife is not at that stage yet her speech therapist mentioned an app you can download onto a tablet , we have an android tablet and downloaded a free app that could work for some people



Hi Evertonian!

Thank you.

Can you give me the reference of the App?

Best Regards



Have the app, but because Hubby never used a computer (qwerty board) he tends to drag his finger (both hands crippled up too) and gets no where with the actual spelling of a word, found the alphabet board the best, although again he drags or floats over the letters and doesn't stop when finished a word, I have become good at charades

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There's lots of them on the Google play store if you have iPad then the apple store not all are free there's also another thread on this subject

All the best Billy


Thanks Luis: I appreciate having the pic :-)


Anne G.


We got dad a go talk unit. You can record onto it and then they just press the relevant button for what they want ie cup of tea, I love you.

The good think is if you get it before your loved one loses their speech they can do the recordings. We have done that with dad so he is with us forever .

Pj xx

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Hi Pjgil!

Thanks for your contribution.

Unfortunately in my case it is too late.



Unfortunately, hubby can no longer talk as such, it is a game of charades for us, frustrating extremely frustrating


Such a simple tool, and yet I hadn't even thought about it, but drat it all, I think I gave away my old music stand. Using a laser pointer would probably soon be easier than pointing for dad, but the pointer wouldn't require as much movement.


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