Larry had a neurologist appointment last Friday the 8th. I wondered how I was going to get him there. He's getting very wobbly. Wednesday he announced he wanted to cancel it. I was relieved on one level. This would be his 6 month check in. Called his neurologist office to see if there was a nurse practitioner who could come to the house to do an evaluation of him. Was told no but they did telemedicine visits. News to me. We will have an appointment with a neurologist with PSP experience at some point. Was told it would take several months to occur. Not like we are going anywhere.

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  • Never heard of this Jeff! So assuming the appointment will be done by phone? If so, shame they don't make this more public!! X

  • The appointment will be done by computer or tablet. We will see the neurologist as she will see us. We will interact with each other. Only the hands on part by her will be missing. At this point it is more about monitoring Larry's decline. Don't think much will be lost in not physically being in the office.

  • Yes, I agree; after the initial few visits, there really wasn't much to be gained by our seeing the neurologist, except to the extent she was learning more about the disease by observing him.

  • Agree don't think much will be lost at all! X

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