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Summer over

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Down here in Devon the rusty fingers of Autumn are already insinuating their way into my beloved hedgerows .Bracken is the first to go , pale yellow followed by golden brown . Even some of the trees especially poplars are beginning to turn . As I drive past a scurry of leaves swirls round and resettles to form a ribbon along the roadside .

The harvest is in and the fields now turning red as the farmers plough back in the stubble. Bales of straw are transported on huge lorries ready for the cattle to be bought in to their winter quarters .

Spiders' webs , heavy with morning dew , decorate the garden and there is that distinct moist chill in the morning air .All around is that feeling of something coming to an end and returning to the earth to sleep the winter through . What happened to summer ? Did it ever happen ? It doesn't feel like it .

For me with the passing of Veronica ,nothing feels the same , somehow things have lost their lustre . The rain dribbles down the windowpanes as I sit here and they reflect my tears . Perhaps in the spring when life is reborn I shall reawaken too but until then ,like Autumn , I feel I shall draw in like the nights and await the long winter ahead .

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Or you could get up out of that chair and start repairing your legs, hip and everything else that hurts, by getting out and enjoying the Autumn mists.

Just booked a walking holiday in Dartmoor and I am going to join the local ramblers to get fit enough to be able to enjoy it!!!

Hope yesterday went OK.

Lots of love


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Georgepa in reply to Heady

Yesterday was terrible it was the pre op and the first question they asked after what's your name address etc was " Is Veronica Mills your next of kin ? " That finished me off and all downhill from there . " do you live alone ? " and so on .I was a blubbering wreck in no time at all . Then they were all very nice to me and sympathetic and that made it worse ! It's a real no win scenario . Other than that fine - I am still alive and moderately healthy so fit for the knife !

Oh, George. I felt that one. Hugs, ec

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abirke in reply to Heady

Wait what have I missed, Why is George "going under the knife?" It sounds like hip replacement? get me up to speed Anne....I was enjoying G's description of the oncoming Autumn and feeling the same feelings of emotional pain.....until I got to the pre op to me


What amazing descriptions and I am so glad you felt up to posting this. Thank you.


A beautiful, sombre description - as always. It fits my feelings at present.

Hibernation sounds attractive. Are you still travelling by scooter ?

love, Jean x

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Georgepa in reply to doglington

No scooter - returned to owner . Stick and legs until I have my hip op in a couple of months time . Hey ho!

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doglington in reply to Georgepa

Is that due to breaking your leg ? Then you can do " hip hop " !!

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Georgepa in reply to doglington

ummmmph !

Oh My Goodness!!!!! Love!!!!! I wish you a restfull, peacefull fall and wintertime!! Stick your head out the door and smell the changing air ever now and then ~ In the meantime, I will picture you with your feet up enjoying your pipe in the library reflecting on what was and how you will emerge with the sunshine and daffodils in the spring to honor the different life you now have🙂

Your emotions are totally understandable George, it is such early days since losing your beloved wife and soulmate that you must still be reeling. As usual your wonderful description of the changing season rings true and I too feel that hibernation would be a great option. Not good at being locked inside and will the winter to quickly pass and welcome the first signs of spring.

Best of luck with the hip op, was that due to your 'little incident'

Sending my love to you and your dear daughter.

Kate xxx

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Georgepa in reply to Katiebow

No it's been on the cards since last January- the broken leg was a "bonus"

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Katiebow in reply to Katiebow

You don't do things by halves do you George! hip ops seem to be very successful and a great relief of the pain caused by a dodgy hip.

Love Kate xx

Your description of fall coming is beautiful. Thank you!


Beautifully written Georgepa as always but incredibly sad, but I also see a glimmer of hope there too......hugs x

Aww sorry darling didn't realise you were awaiting a hip op!! So sorry, you have enough to contend with!! However somehow I reckon you'll get through it cos you my dear Georgepa are made of strong stuff!! X

A lovely colourful post nevertheless I am so sad for you in your loneliness. Take care. Jx

George hope all goes well with the op, get out and enjoy the time of year, sounds amazing the way you describe it. Was that you and V in the PSP news letter? Sending you a big hug George, you are an amazing man. Big hugs. Yvonne xxxx

Yes it was seems such a short time ago and yet an age ago .

George it was a lovely picture of you both xxxx

Good luck and a speedy recovery from your hip operation, This is my get well message to you ... as I'm not able to send you a card. Xxx.Brenda.

I noticed yesterday leaves starting to turn and nature doing its thing. I Sat starting out the window wondering how is it September already and what lies ahead as we change into the colder seasons.

That must have been very hard to be asked about next of kin. I hope the op is a grand success when it is done.

Thinking of you xxx

I hope your hip op goes well,thank you for your beautiful picture of autumn as usual you managed to paint a picture with yourgent words .

I have been part of this group for about 5 weeks so I missed the passing of your dear wife.

Mourn her deeply and continue to write. It is so cathartic isn't it ...

your ability to write so beautifully is a gift.

May I suggest when you are back on your feet again you consider having your work published.

Althea 💛🙏

Know this Georgepa.

You are wonderful and very kind man, that has brightened two lives by allowing us to buy your car, otherwise known as the Batmobile! Even though G is deteriorating, it's been lovely to go out on a couple of trips with her. I now have the task of finding a particular pond in the New Forest that G really want to go to and I know she will be thrilled.


Dear George

What you are saying about Veronica passing and nothing being the same echoes my own feelings.

I lost Les 10 months ago and I still struggle with the pain and heartbreak as I did when he passed.

We watched them suffering from a vile disease and, although I am pleased Les is no longer suffering, and Veronica, it doesn't make it any easier.

I am told it gets easier, how when you have lost someone you love so much.

Take care of yourself



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