Thought I'd share

Thought I'd share

We had these special tops made for mum because her stiffness has got so bad that putting conventional clothes on is very difficult. The picture shows the back with 3 ties like a hospital gown and it is completely closed at the front (like wearing a shirt back to front so no bending of the arms). My mum is bed bound so the ties are on the side so she is not laying on them all day. I thought I'd share as it may help others.

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  • Great idea. Much love, Althea 💛🙏

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  • Excellent idea thanks for sharing x

  • Anything to make it easier

  • Very pretty, too! Well done!

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  • Great idea and love the colour. xx

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  • Normal clothing just want practical anymore, so thought we'd do something different. It's much bigger than is needed but that just makes it even easier to change mum and helps to keep mum cool. Glad you guys liked it.

  • Love it! Very creative to design something so easy-to-use; it's very attractive,as well!

  • Thank you.

  • They are very pretty and added bonus of practical too. Did you make them?

    Fab idea, thanks for sharing.

  • No, we had them stitched. It was really hard trying to explain what we wanted to the tailor, but eventually succeeded.

  • Great idea and so pretty.

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  • Love this!

  • They are just Brilliant. There is a huge gap in the market for "disabled/ill" people's clothing. Be a good job for a home worker ! Thanks for sharing with everyone. Jingles

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  • Great idea. Marie

  • My husband has terribly arthritic shoulders and I need to create some sort of velcroed T- shirt for him any ideas?


  • We were originally going to do velcro, but the problem with velcro is that it doesn't last very long when washed, so opted with the ties instead. You can make a t-shirt the same way. The front to be closed and the material to fold over on the back and ties on the side that is least used. My mum cannot be turned on her left side so the ties are on her left side. Hope this helps xx

  • If you need a drawing of the top then i can send one to you, maybe easier to explain to a tailor that way.

  • Thanks for the offer ~ I will play around with some old shirts and see what I can come up with-- If nothing works , I'll track you down for directions😃

  • Hope it works out, it'll make life so much easier.

  • Hope it works out, it'll make life so much easier.

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