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Changes in gait causing pain ?


Just putting this out there for any help or advice. Since January I have had hip nerve pain, radiating to my knee causing a great deal of pain on the knee. This makes waling unbearable at times. My doctor has done a full blood count/x-rays/ultrasound - all negative. So my question - all of these pain issues are on my weak left side - is it likely to be they way I walk on this side that over time has now got to this point.

Any pointers big or small would be much appreciated - I'm going through a very angry stage with this damned disease now.

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My guy had similar issues. Ice pack on the lower back to ease pinching of the nerves, stretching (on back, gently raise and pull with clasped hands bent knee to chest), and chiropractic manipulation all helped to some degree. I can't say for sure what was the most helpful, but it did pass. I hope you find the thing that works!

EFGS01 in reply to easterncedar

Thank you so much for your reply. In a weird sort of way, it's comforting to know that others have experienced this - I'm not going mad !

Althea-c in reply to EFGS01

Stretching helps. Alternate legs with bent knees slowly to chest and down.

Let me know how this goes.


Have to let you know that happened to me. What was going on was I had a brace on my left foot but I never put a lift in the right heel for balance so that when I was standing up I was higher on the left side. I went to the physical therapist at my doctors office and she knew what it was on she placed different thicknesses in the heel of my right foot until I did better. I started to feel better almost right away. I hope this is your situation. Good luck.

EFGS01 in reply to ssdw1958

I had an ortho assessment recently and he suggested I speak to my nurse/consultant re an ankle orthotic. I will be seeing them in about a week - thanks for the reply, it encourages me to hear that I may find a solution !

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