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Urine infection continues?

I see the urine collected in the bag is now dark in color for the past 1/1.5 days. Blame the heat here that has got dad dehydrated or another catheter issue or something else? help pls.

Note - Pls refer to the first post from me few weeks back for a background on my dad.

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Hi vidvv, wonder if there could be a problem with liver or kidneys. Urine goes dark if liver not functioning correctly, or if patient not getting or absorbing enough fluids.

This is all guesswork on my part from life experience! I do hope you can get hold of a doctor who can explain it all in a sensible manner. You seem to be battling on your own. Is a feeling I too can relate to, as even here in New Zealand, we can't get answers or treatment sometimes that makes sense to us!

I see drs stopped your dad's other meds too. They did this for my husband. At the time they were afraid of over medicating his high blood pressure so that he might collapse from low BP!

Have you got family nearby who can help and support you both, especially you? We all appreciate what a burden you have to bear! Remember to look after yourself too. You will be better able to help your dad if you look after yourself.

Feel free to scream your frustrations here!! We have all done so and understand!

Take care. I hope you get some answers and things improve - or at least stabilize.


Jen xxx


Thanks Jen. My mom (who is also not doing well health-wise) is the primary carer of dad along with an externally hired caretaker. As i am on full time work, I could call myself one of the primary carers not the only one. And I have support from my siblings & people around. So not really battling this emotionally alone, but yes in terms of availability of info and awareness, there is a constant struggle.

Nurse or doctor examining dad wouldn't know enough of his condition when prescribing (or stopping) medicines. So there is a general fear if the best is being done for the moment. Even now if i call in the nurse station close to our place, they may come in to check the urine color, give couple of bladder washes and then suggest changing the catheter (for the 2nd time and i feel he deteriorates with every catheter work - even with the washes). They will not have anything else to do with my dad. Sometimes ignorance is bliss - especially with this PSP. you could just assume you are doing the right thing & go on.


It's not another urine infection is it? Check it just in case.

What medication is he on? My husband had this happen too and it was due to Sinemet. It seems it can make the urine look darker. Also he wasn't very keen on water so I had to tell him he really had to drink it. I constantly had water beside him. Like your Dad he had problems with swallowing liquids and I had to buy him a cup which allowed him to drink but limited how much liquid he had in his mouth. That helped. So did Smoothies. Because they are thicker it was easier for him to swallow.

Hope you get to the bottom of what is happening.

Marie x


yes Marie.. need to check for UTI again maybe (and that takes 3 days to know...!!!!!!)

Dad is on an antacid for bloated tummy for 2 more days (that hasn't changed the condition at all) and no other meds.

He cannot handle glass alone and he wouldn't sit at all. We are trying our best to keep him hydrated though.


Is he constipated? That could account for his bloated stomach? If so he needs a laxative? Also the point EC makes is very true. At the end of life the kidneys pack in and cause the urine to go dark.

I know my husband had this problem for months due to Sinemet but as you reminded me your Dad is not on medication.

Hope you can get an answer about the catheder and UTI. My husband didn't have one until he was in hospital. Before that he had convenes. He never had a UTI thankfully.

The drinker we got him is called Kapitex (sp?) and has two handles. A bit like a baby would use. It is very heavy though and he struggled at times to use it alone.

Good luck to you and your family. It is a huge battle!

Marie x


Ok thanks for the references Marie.

Keeping a closer watch on the urine bag for the next 12 hours before calling the nurse for the next round of tests.

Dad is just totally silent except for the gibberish he is always on.


My guy's urine was very dark when he was dehydrated, and it went back to normal quickly once he had enough to drink. It can be a helpful sign that more liquid is needed. However, in the end of life dark urine can indicate that the kidneys are packing it in.

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I was told a kidney function test was performed the last time blood was drawn a week back and the results normal. Should this also be done so frequently? And if at all, are there medicines?

Its all so confusing. thank you for your response !


I wouldn't worry about repeating the kidney tests, although it's good to know it was done recently so all you have to think about is trying to get more water into him.


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