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Advice needed

Hi everyone, firstly Happy Easter to you all. I hope you have a restful time.

DC is home now and we are adjusting to a new routine with the carers. Who I have to say are so good 😊. He now has his special chair so can get out of bed at last, although they have to use a hoist. The wheelchair is due to arrive on Thursday fingers crossed. My problem now is I am going to have to change the car to a wheelchair accessible vehicle 🚗. Has anyone had experience with WAVs? DC will be getting a Rea Azalea wheelchair. Any ideas what would be suitable and have you had experience with Motability for ordering one? I would appreciate any advice.

Take care hugs

Tillyhugs x

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Happy Easter Tillyhugs. Glad you are getting on OK with your new carers.

Re WAVs we had a VW Caddy Maxi which was pretty good. The advantage of that one for us was that you still get the full row of rear seats as well as space behind for the wheelchair so there is plenty of room for dog cage, grandchildren and luggage as well as wheelchair passenger. I found it quite easy to load and unload both manual and electric wheelchair via rear ramp.

Not sure what age your husband is but Motability is only available if under 65 so we weren't able to get it.

Vicki x

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Thank you I have looked on line at that one. DC is 68 but we are already in the motability system. It seems the converters are not here in Wirral/ Cheshire area. Did the agents bring the Caddy to you?

Tillyhugs xxx


No I had to go on the train to fetch it but I got it cheaper because I did that. There are dealers who will deliver. Ours was second hand (2010). It was an absolute life line for us as D was able to get out and about almost to the end and I was able to take him to the hospice day service without needing to wait for transport.

V x


Hi I will be very interested in these posts as we are at exactly the same point! Any comments would be so useful. We have wheelchair review on weds , I is there any funding re electric chairs?

Julie x

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Hi Tilley

I have a Renault Kangoo, 3 seats but big enough to take largest wheelchair and person. But also convenient height front seat if PSP sufferer has still some mobility and can transfer easily. Good economy. Suggest when looking check on the ramp mine is manual no problem for me but requires bending and lifting so may not be best for some especially if you have a back issue. Look to see if powered ramp available or check ramp is easy for you to drop and lift.

I got my WAV 2nd hand from dealer in Ruthin North Wales, who delivers and allows test drives across U.K. Website is Lots of choice and not too expensive. I can only say the vehicle made taking my wife around so much easier and allowed her to continue to get out almost up to the end.

My only snag is now my wife has gone is selling even part exchange is limited, though I have had a couple of responses to a newspaper ad.

Good luck. Tim

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Thank you Tim I will check the website out.

Take care



We are just at that same stage too (husband of 73 with PPA and PSP/CBD - yes even Queen Square cannot be more precise). We have just got (on lease) a VW Caddy obtained through Motability because Peter had a prior disability (at age 63 from a rare cancer in thigh bone). It is brilliant, has transformed our lives. Only got it last week, but getting into standard car from wheelchair with turner was getting so precarious. We got the Caddy from a place in Yeovil (Brotherwood) and they were more than willing to drive twice to Surrey. We ended up with a new one because they were then able to make a bespoke floor adaptation for the dog! We decided to pay extra for an electric pulley system, although that probably is not essential as the ramp is shallow enough to make access easy enough manually, given that Peter, sadly only weighs about 60 kg. We have also had assessment by NHS wheelchair service and are awaiting a Rea Azalea. That seems to be the make all therapists recommends. With our current standard wheelchair Peter now slumps forward and sideways, and is not safe to be left in. I will feel happier to have in the car with that more supportive wheelchair.

I hope you can find some garages to come and demonstrate to you Tilly.

Fiona S


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