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Hi I've been looking after my mum for a number of years now she lives at a sheltered accommodation just round the coner from my house when I applied for cares allowes her pension credit got stoped also she was on the lower rate of attendance allowance which got hafed also my Council tax got increased to £88 an my universal credit what I am claiming also got affected by £250 every month then my mum got a letter from the pensions to say she would have to pay a fine of a £1000 cos we never contacted them to tell them wich we were unaware we had to its been a total nightmare can any ples help thank you so much xxx

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  • Quick reply Madsocks

    Go to CAB ASAP.

    Pensions should/ might waive the fine if things are properly explained to them. I have even had IR fines dropped on this basis.

    The situation you have does require expert benefits advice. They will show you how to maximise your benefits between you both.

    This reply is based on long experience in dealing with benefits for patients.

    Good luck



  • Thanks Kevin I'll try this x

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