Passing urine

Hi just thought I'd ask if anyone else has had experience with passing urine a lot, like 2 or 3 times per hour when awake, then if fallen asleep waking up needing to go straight away. Also almost having an obsession about going to the toilet.

As C does not walk well this is becoming an issue,

Anyone had theses sort of problems or is it just another symptom of PSP.

Do we need to get his prostate checked out?

Thanks H xx

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  • I thought it was a symptom when someone on here told me to get my husband checked. He had an enlarged prostate and was given medication which helped a bit. He also started wearing convenes which changed both our lives as we could go our without him worrying about having an accident. He still knew when he wanted to go but didn't have to worry about getting to a toilet on time.


  • Ok thank you I will get him checked, thank you xx

    H xx

  • Yep ! Meds will help and aids , nothing worse than to have to keep planning for loo stops, at night use a used large milk container with the top cut off to pee in much cheaper than buying a urinal. I know but every penny counts!!!!!!

    Have a good dry day

    Julie x

  • Brilliant idea thank you Julie xx


  • Hi Helen, I am sorry, but this is the bane of everyone's life. Do get a doctor to check him out, it could be the his prostate is playing up as well. There are medicines that can help. Like NannaB has said convenes are useful. My husband did have one for a while, but never was completely successful. In the end we ended up with a Catether.

    The only advice I can give you, with that wonderful thing called hindsight. With this problem, give in very quickly, don't try to fight it. Accept that pads, convenes or a Catether is going to be part of life, as much as that stucks. The NOT going out and living life to the full, is the biggest downer there is and should be avoided at ALL costs. I know that's probably not what you want to hear and I expect your husband will kick and scream, but the alternative is living in the toilet and washing clothes and bedding for the foreseeable future. I fought tooth and nail to avoid accepting Steve's incontenance, wish I had given in and spent the time going out while we still could. It was all far too late when I finally accepted the fact.

    Sending big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Thank you Heady, I am trying to accept it have used pads, but C does not like them, says they are very uncomfortable, but sometimes I insist he wears them especially when I get fed up with the washing and cleaning floors. He gets very anxious about going anywhere away from the toilet, so we just don't go only to neurologist appointments.

    Thank I will look into what else is available, I have a hospice OT coming out today so I will speak to her aswell.

    Thank you again


  • Ask your GP to refer C to the Bowel and Bladder clinic. Have you got all the booklets from the PSPA yet? If not, give them a ring, these leaflets are essential when meeting anyone new to your husbands care. They are meant to be bringing out a new booklet, regarding this problem.

    Lots of love


  • Chip will only go to the Dr office for 2 years now. We do nothing but take care of him.

  • Thank you I will give them a ring tomorrow for a booklet


  • Yes, We are having the same issue...didn't really think too much about it till now...Is there some testing that we should look into? This need to urinate continues to puzzle us.

  • Yes, my husband needed loo 3 to 4 times an hour. He could not walk at all and for these reasons a catheter has been fitted. Sheer bliss !! I now only need to take him to bathroom for bowel action. He passes so much urine that the night drain bag which holds 2000 MPs has to be emptied late evening. He is still obsessed with going to the toilet, often asking me to take him, I just remind him a catheter is draining the bladder. There is no need. The catheter has made a Hugh difference to our routine .The incontinent nurse did not want to fit catheter but I kept a blog of loo visits, Iand input and output over course of a week. She agreed we couldn't carry on when she saw it. Hope this helps. X

  • Sorry for my delay in response, I truly appreciate you taking the time to response to me...Your information is very helpful, I thought we were the only ones...

  • That's one of the best things about this community, finding so many people who are sharing this experience and can offer practical advice and warm support. Dealing with this illness can be so isolating, but everyone here knows just what I'm going through! It's been a life saver.

  • My hubby, too, has the same problem. We visited a urologist, and learned that his bladder has spasms, and doesn't fill and empty completely. This causes him to need to pee very frequently. The dr. had him to keep a log of time and amount of urine for a week. This was cumbersome, but showed very clearly that he was only emptying a small of amount of urine during each trip to the bathroom. The answer was botox. He has the botox injected in his bladder about every 8 months. Now for the downside:. The dr told him he MAY have to catherize himself after having the botox. There was no MAY! He does catherize himself each time he needs to urinate, but finds that this is much preferable to going to pee every 30 minutes. He took to this quickly, inserts catheter, empties his bladder, and is on his way. He has done this for about 2 years now, and has had no infections, no problems. We have been told that bladder spasms are typical for people with Parkinson's.

  • Gosh, Such helpful news feeds, appreciate you taking the time to respond

  • yes, sounds like his prostate needs attention,so his G p should be seen ASAP,do let me know 😊 the outcome.Warm wishes Jilly xx

  • Yes my father has this problem and he in a elderly home I worry he gets up and falls. I got him the urinal spill free is a bit pricey but it worth it.

  • thanks so much

  • I have same problem although I have attributed it to fear of dehydration. Began about six months ago when I was diagnosed with It. There are meds to help but I can't recall the names. Any GP should know.


  • Chip also is obsessive about going to the bath room. He is in pullups for urinating he can't stand up to urinate anymore. We go to the toilet to pop . if he has gas he doesn't know the difference any more. So I get him in the wheel chair and get him on the toilet with only gas. He worries over it do i go or don't I go this goes on and on. So much fun NOT.

  • I can so relate to this.

    I'm quiet patient but this does push me to the edge.


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