A little Bit of Help with Cure PSP Grant

Hoping the blizzard that just passed (I'm in the NE, US) doesn't affect my flight for tomorrow. I'll be flying to AZ to attend the PSP conference. For friends in the US, Cure PSP is offering a grant for caregiving services through Griswold (see link below). It's not much, but any amount is helpful. xx


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  • Glad you're getting to go to the family conference. I serve on a CurePSP committee that helps organize these, but I'm unable to attend. Hope you get a lot out of it and enjoy the warm Arizona sunshine.


  • Thank you for serving on the committee. The conference was very informative. I feel I can better advocate for my father's needs with the knowledge I gained from attending the conference. All the best

  • Great!!! Safe travels home.


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