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stem cell does it work?

hello friends, 12 months since last here, concerning my sister who has psp, well 12 months on and unfortunately fellow followers know what can happen after 12 months, balance,vision,falling, ect this is about 3 years so she is advanced with psp i am writing to you concerning the same subject as last time, stem cell treatment for psp, your advise was invaluable and with further research of my own concluded research was many years off, and in its infancy along with her nuroligist advise. desperation has crept in with some family members and they are guided by hope. swiss clinic in serbia claim they can help and family members have taken the steps to send her to swiss clinic for stem cell treatment in the near future, so hope is the key with out seeing reason, has any of our friends here information on swiss life they had a branch in moscow which i am informed closed down, people will try anything for their loved ones and there are others who will exploit these situations, my sister is now 72 years old

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Do keep us posted; very interesting...stay safe and cautious.....and do take in to consideration the advanced age of your sister....she may have other factors that need to be considered.



We tried it with my wife while she was in her 5th year with PSP. She was only 52 at the time. Didn't seem to provide any relief to her PSP symptoms, but who knows, it may have slowed them down. They also injected some of her stem cells in her lower back because of her degenerative disc and praise God, it eliminated all pain after a month.

I think it could work if some in earlier stages of the disease. But in my wife's case, it was too late.



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