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Things going a little better

Things are going a little better. I have new insight from talking an hour to a Hospice counselor who leads the caregiver support group I attend. I didn't really understand denial. He helped me to see that this is what my niece, nephew, and brother-in-law have been dealing with since the PSP diagnosis August 19, 2016. I told the counselor I felt I had not had any denial at all but just jumped into the diagnosis with all of my energy, trying to solve problems, help everyone cope, and felt the pain and grief immediately. The counselor said she is my sister--not my spouse or my parent. I don't live there 24/7. He said everybody handles these things differently--and if it had been my husband who'd gotten the diagnosis instead, I may have gone into the denial phase. I didn't completely grasp this before. It "shouldn't" be all about me anyway. I have been advised to get more balance in my life and not focus all my energy on my little sister. So, I'm trying to do things for me. My sister now has a Lifeline, a good walker, and volunteer drivers and meal preparers. Her husband has more grasp on what she needs. I'm very thankful that he now has accepted a grief counselor to help him deal with this. I'm sorry I really don't have a question to ask today. I just needed to say things were a little better even though my heart and our hearts are forever broken.

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Good for you getting counseling and sharing a new discovery...denial....It's the first thing we face in a 12 step gotta first admit you have a problem before you can rid yourself of that problem. Once you do that, I believe your half way to recovery! But it's hard... I hope your family can continue to grow and discover new ways to help your sister and themselves embrace their new life.




I am happy you all went to councelling and that your little sister's family are now on board. Your brother in law just needed time and maybe a little nudge to help him understand and accept the situation.

Denial is a strong thing, some people never get over that hump. Accepting a situation for what it is ans trying to move on is hard. Seems to me your little sister is being taken care of and the ball has started rolling.

When a family is going through an illness, just having someone there to pick up the slack, cook a meal or clean a house may not seem too important. But from my experience, it is something else they don't have to worry about.

Hugs from Toronto



Its good for you to just talk about what is happening. Self expression helps with coping. That is what works for me and reading what others are going through also helps with coping.


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