Every night when Rog goes up to bed in the through floor lift I travel with him and say 'where are we flying to tonight' no reply just a stare . Last night same question, clear as a bell looking me straight in the eye he says ' Bangkok' we both laughed, well he snorted. Nice to just for a second have that connection.

Hopefully finishing Xmas shopping today, have a good one

Julie x

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  • Oh Julie, it's sad isn't it, so many dreams, all gone, we also did a cruise to Australia, passing many beautiful place, that was in 2013, diagnosed in 2014, things are moving quick for us to xxxx

  • :)

  • Love the response! Just goes to show that it must take a real effort, and time, for the thought process to get to production of the answer. Despite the apparent lack of response, someone is still home in the dark, and it is worth trying to turn the light on!

    The more we try, the better we understand! Some of the time!!


    Jen xxx

  • Rog is so lucky to have you! Hope your day goes well.

  • Agree with everyone, dreams going fast.


  • Great to have those moments of fun and laughter albeit few and far between. Ben still has a naughty side to him that some people he has recently met ( i.e. Medical folk) can recognise.

    Love Kate xx

  • Good one. At least you finally got a response. He's probably been trying all this time to think up a good one for you. Merry Christmas!

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