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CHC Advice - Another resource

Another resource:

The NHS set up an advice service to assist folk in claiming CHC.

Then its as if they kept it secret lol!

First hour of telephone advice free... so you can have four 15 minutes over time if you like.

I have talked to them - they know their stuff and are helpful.

The DIY approach: My advice is to read what you can on then use them if things get stuck.

Alternatively they lay out their charging rates and you could get them to do full advocacy.

All the best

(A rested )


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Looks interesting Kevin - thanks for sharing X

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Wow Kevin well done! How did you find that?

Rested...I hope so!! X

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I think I have become a search engine spider a weird, but good small life ;)

(To the engines send out little crawly bot applications to search out data and bring it home for cataloging = Spiders)


Thanks for more invaluable resources


Thanks Kevin. I am going down this road now. Bugs has been in hospital for 7 weeks. Initial CHC assessment was done week 2 with forms initially completed by 1st Year student nurse. Request for more info from CHC assessors but told on latest ward that that there is little point as CHC is only for you if "you are literally dying".

The PSPA guide is very useful and these extra guide notes really back it up.

I am really grateful for the work you do for everyone. I think I owe you a few beers!


Good luck Tokki

There is so much rubbish being talked by professionals about CHC and, as you have said, it is definitely not only for people who are dying.

The question was what were the forms that Student Nurse was filling in?

Were they Fast Track or for ordinary CHC. Ordinary CHC wouldn't kick in fast enough. You might like to ask them to do a fast track assessment.

At a later date you can ask them to assess for CHC (ordinary funding route).

Good luck and if you need a bit of information do p.m. me - I have built a searchable resource index.

Best of luck


Chuckles - Don't start the beer thing... I would have to buy half a brewery for the folk here for the help I've had.

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Hi Kevin, it was just the starting checklist but I will also look into the fast track.

Which part of the country are you in? I am sure it will have a brewery I have sampled. we need an icon for a virtual pint.

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Sadly there are no breweries here... Sniffles... We do need such an icon indeed!

Hertfordshire... A northerner washed ashore. Its good.

esp. as the wine people have their icon already!

I wish you well... We all seem to end up having to be Carer Warriors here...


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