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Botox for contorted fingers and hand

Hello, My dad's hands are contorted to the point he cannot use them for much. I believe it is the psp. He tried botox for his leg cramps and it didn't work - the neurologist said there was a chance it wouldn't since the leg muscles are so big. Has anyone had botox injections in the hand or fingers and did it make them apple to move easier???

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Just watched post by am2015 . The specialist mentions that problem. He said the botox loosens the fingers and hands tho may not help them move better. More importantly, it allows the folded areas to be cleaned and reduces infections that are a problem when hands cannot be opened long term.

It was quite a long involved session and it put me to sleep for a while!! But I still learned quite a lot!

It sounds like it is worthwhile using botox. Makes hands relax so looks better too. Who knows, may be able to move a bit more if brain stimulation is still there.

You would be able to hold hands and massage too! Definite plus!

Hugs, Jen xxx


It sounds like PSP. i seem to spend my life fighting my husband to make him open his left hand specially. Its becoming very fist like and thiugh i do try to point out the comsequences i dont think it makes any difference. No help at all im afraid. Marie


I don't have that problem however, maybe getting him a squeeze ball . and just place it in his hand......this moves the muscles a bit . If you are willing or have time maybe daily just , flatten out his hand by gently pushing down on hand when ball is in it. Just exercise what you can...massage is wonderful....


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