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Yes, that's something else we need to be aware of! I had the fire service come in on Saturday to give our house a free fire check, set up by our care company. I agreed, as I thought the Health and Safety police were at work, or it was bound to cost me money. Anyway, a very nice guy came out, it was just to register S as wheelchair bound therefore, would need extra help, in case of a fire. They log it on to their computer and if there is a problem at our address now, they know it has to be a very quick response with the right equipment for S.

I wouldn't have a clue where to start, if the care company hadn't suggested it. It's not as if they are in the phone book, well I don't think so, but they might be. I would certainly ask your care company or the DN, if they come. Or social services.

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  • That's good to know Heady. At our Hospice they had a carers day where folk from many organisations had stands, including the fire service. I had a long chat with a fire officer and I mentioned I had a husband who had to be hoisted which did concern me in case of fire. She never mentioned registering him. She just spoke about exits and smoke alarms. I had visions of me opening the French doors, putting the ramp down and pushing the whole bed onto the Patio but it falling off the ramp as it pushed like a shopping trolley, going in the opposite direction to what I wanted it to go. Thankfully it never happened.


  • Whether it actually means anything, I hope I will never find out.

    Lots of love


  • Amen!

  • Don't know how I would have managed . Well I do . I wouldn't !!! Getting on the phone now to care company

  • It's something that has gone through my head from time to time, thinking of the future


    Debbie xxx

  • Thank you for that heady . What a good idea

  • never tought of that, good to know.

  • i agree iwithi you lal

    liol jill


  • Ooh thanks heady! I'll get onto that!! X

  • My Home health nurse mentioned alarms smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. But the only way out is through the whole house (we're at the end of the hall)....I figure if he's gone through more than one window .....but really, my fire dept does not know we exist...the ramp may help them wonder if theres a problem. They say (who ever they are) is to put all information on a form and in a tube that you stick to your fridge.....I have yet to do that , but thank you Heady, you have reminded me to do it...firefighters or emts can look there for answers...course if the house is burning down around you....the daughters phone number may be of little importance at the time. After I had the seizure in the library last month, I am seriously thinking of getting B an ID that looks much like a license but with go-to medical info. Then he can have his own ID to carry round with him. You know that is a good one to talk to Curpsp about or PSPA and maybe they can create a file to give to your local emergency team........Good thoughts thank you Heady for sharing that


  • i agreed w what has been said

    lol jill


  • The Hertfordshire local group last year had two firemen attend a meeting to talk about fire safety in the home and to encourage people to take up and apply for their free advisory service whereby they will visit your home and give advice on safety and also exit strategies specific to your circumstances.

    They were absolutely adamant on their warning never to leave tumble driers or dishwashers operating unattended or overnight as these are now the main causes of domestic fires.

    They also fit/replace free smoke alarms.

    The Q& A session also threw up some dodgy practices that people had unwittingly been following!

    It was a very worthwhile session. I'm sure all country fire services offer similar advisory checks .

  • That's good information to know. I don't k ow if they do anything like that here. In the area where my mom lives the fire department will out a box on the house next to the door where they can put your house key. They have access to it in an emergency situation that mom may be home alone and not able to get to the door. That way they can unlock the door rather than breaking something to get in. I'll check into the registration in case of special circumstances.

  • Heady well done, did they check your smoke and CO alarms? The North Wales Fire Service besides registering M arranged with the telecare service to link the smoke alarm to the telephone alert service (free). In case i was incapacitated. It only activates the phone call if smoke alarm lasts more than a minute so my grilling OK sets off the smoke alarm but I had time to stop the alarm.

    One of the many things that was on my list when M was diagnosed as recommended by OT.

    Also they notified the Police who registered the address as a vulnerable adult in case of an incident, no problem but when a community officer was walking past I was getting M into the car, asked if we were OK and had our name.


  • Never even thought of the police. You would think in this day and age, with our society getting older and older, someone would devise a simple form that could be sent to the central data base and we would be automatically logged into the system. Or is stretching logic a "bit" too far???.?????

    Lots of love


  • Come on Heady - logic - single Home office database (probably breach data protection rules anyway or cause do goodies to hold arms up in horror). I doubt if most civil servants know about joined up thinking if something can be made complex they will do it only have to look at NHS.

  • Perhaps that ought to be my Christmas wish, common sense and a tiny bit of logic be used by the powers at B!!!

    Oh, I know, it's been a long day, a girl can wish though!

    Lots of love


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