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neck pain

Hi Everyone, don't write very often, but just wandered if anyone else has experienced the same problem my wife is having, along with not being able speak, as she lost her voice over a year ago, she is in constant pain in her neck ,around her throat area, although the doctors cannot see any problem, she can swallow with no problem, one doctor said it was muscle spasms, another said he did not think so, he is referring us back to the neurologist suggesting for her to have another brain scan. She already has scopoderm patches for the secretion which help ,but has an allergic reaction, which she has been prescribed more tablets to combat this.


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My husband has the pain in his neck which bothers him a lot, but not all the time, just put a hot water bottle on it, I think it is another thing that goes with PSP. George also

Had the patches but they made him very aggressive, so we stopped them. Hate this illness. Yvonne xxxxx


My mum had neck pain as well. Her movement in her neck is limited so we do daily exercises/physio and massage the neck as well to reduce the stiffness a couple of times a day,in turn reduce the pain. A very low dose pain killer as well as and when needed. For the sticky secretions we tried Atropine drops as so many people have tried them on the forum and it works. We tried initially with two drops morning and evening but reduced to once a day as it causes the mouth to go very dry. You have to be careful and maintain liquids on a regular basis and also good oral hygiene to minimise the risk of fungal infection.


Yes, I have tremendous neck pain, and have had it for 3 years, at least. I am going to my neurologist in 2days to have another go at Botox injections in my neck. Last time I got 3 1/2 weeks of relief. Am hoping for longer this time. It's very costly if it works, it's worth it. Pain pills don't help at all. Good luck to you, love, Mary B.


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