Neck size?

A strange question. But has your loved ones neck changed in size?

We went to a wedding yesterday. First time I have got S suited and booted for quite a while. He has lost a fair amount of weight, so put a smaller shirt on, but the collar didn't even meet, so got one of his bigger ones out, this one was like a tent on him, but again, there was no way I could do the collar up. So ended up in the smaller shirt, with an open neck.

Thinking back, this has been going on for quite a few years. I just put it down to him putting weight on, due to lack of exercise. Now I am not so sure.

Lots of love


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  • Crikey Heady sorry I have no idea? Hope you enjoyed the wedding though?! X

  • Funny you should say that Heady but Ben's nick seems thicker, almost as if his neck has shortened, maybe the stiffness in his upper body has this effect. Hope you enjoyed the wedding, was it local?

    Love Kate xxx

  • That should read neck, haha. Xx

  • Yes, that is just what it's like. My daughter said it could be the way he is holding his head. I suppose that could be stiffness. Also his facial muscles are so slack that they droop down on to his neck. I'll get his personal trainer to check it out.

    Lots of love


  • That is strange . have you felt his neck for any lumps? glands get swollen but this sounds like an ongoing thing......Is it, do you think , because the muscles are not keeping his head extended and thus head is pushing neck down and out ....kind of like my waist....losing inches in my bone thus my waist is getting bigger, though I have not gained weight......

    just a thought


  • I don't know AVB, that's why I asked the question, but yes, what you say, follows from what Kate has said.

    Lots of love


  • Yah had I read Kate's first, I would have simply agreed with her than admit to my own potato-like body shape! oh much for svelte!


  • Heady not really noticed , George tends to only wear shirts when he goes to the centre, which has not been for ages, but will check next time he wears a shirt xxxxx

  • Chris always had a thick neck. Now he has lost weight and his neck is also smaller.


  • May not be relevant, but thyroid problems can result in thickened neck. A coworker of mine just was operated on for it. What you are describing seems pretty dramatic to be resulting from muscle tension.

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