Can't stop laughing

I've just been notified by health unlocked where we all message of a new site that I might be interested in.

It offers a friendly, informal atmosphere for help restoring erections and sexual enjoyment. I cant even remember what that was. Also no topic is off bounds and it's got a 24 hour hotline. Anyone else get this or am I a special case. Lol

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  • You must be lucky as I've not had anything!

  • Special case I reckon, lol

    Thx for the smile x

  • Very special case I think.


  • Yes you must be a special case xxxx

  • Hmm Duffers, consider yourself uhm special....However I did get an invite to the Alzheimer I guess they base it on your profile .....they see you as somewhat palatable...they see me as old and senile...'bout right eh?


  • I'm still laughing but sometimes I wonder if the alzheimers site would suit me better. My poor old brain isn't what it used to be, I'm getting more and more mithered every day.

  • sounds like HealthUnlocked feels differently....Maybe there's a gentlemen who works on the site who would like to get to know you better.....

    hahahah well I feel not really Im too dang tired for anything ....probably forgot how anyway.....It's been awhile hahaha


  • You and me both. Anyway I think I'd run a mile if I thought someone was looking at me sideways yuk

  • too,,,hahaha

  • That made me smile, all that stuff is a distant memory.

    Love Kate xx

  • I missed that one too. Shame, it would have been useful if I were to accept the numerous invitations I am getting lately from ladies in Brazil. Odd thing is the last one was wearing a fur coat and standing in snow. Strange weather for Rio; maybe that's why they want to come to Britain!

  • It's so funny the things that get sent. I wonder why but I don't quite understand the workings of the Internet. As for the lady in the fur coat, well !!!

    Not sure where you live but in England but there's a saying here "there's nowt so queer as folk". Ain't that the truth. Marie

  • You lucky thing!!! 😂😂 ..... special case!!

  • You are a chosen one !


  • After reading all the replies, I have come to the conclusion that this site is needed by us all!!! How and where do we sign up?

    Lots of love


  • Hilarious x

  • Haven't got that one. I have gotten the one for Alzheimers and also one for hearing loss. But this is my one and only site that I have time for.


  • Are you sure you don't have to pay for the chat????

    Ha, ha!


  • Thanks everyone for joining in my bit of fun. It did happen but hopefully not again or I'll begin to worry.

  • Clearly special. Though have been off line for a while I don't think I got this. Think would prefer a wine and choc recommendat ion though! !!


  • Now there's an idea Tippyleaf.

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