Can't let go

We are now entering day 4, St Patrick's day in the UK and some how dad is still hanging on in. I have no idea how!!!! How much longer can this go on? I've told dad I will take care of mam and my brother and I will always be there for each other. My husband has told him he will always look after me. It's almost as if he's waiting for something but I don't know what. His eyes still respond a little and when I suggest he closes them so they don't get sore (no blink) he musters up the strength and closes them. Wish I could understand more I'm desperately heart broken but want him at peace, it's the least he deserves on this evil journey!!!!! My love to all, Andrea xxx

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  • Oh Andrea, It must be heartbreaking for all of you. Why do some leave us suddenly but others hang on like your dear dad? Last year a friend was in a similar situation to you, waiting for her husband to leave her (cancer). She very calmly told me when she expected him to go, 7 days after he last took liquid. Her husband was a hospital consultant and had told her he could last 7 weeks without food, 7 days without water and 7 minutes without air. He did leave when expected with all the family around him.

    I pray for all your sakes,especially your dad's, that he has a very peaceful departing very soon.

    With my love to you all.


  • This is informative many thanks for your kind words xxx

  • /well didn't we conclude that he was a fighter....keep your strength up girl...

    Peace and strength to you


  • Andrea, keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and that your dad's journey's end is peaceful, then he will be set free from this awful illness.

    Lots of love


  • Andrea, my thoughts are with you and your family. Such a dreadful disease. Take care xxxx

  • How's dad.....How's you?

  • Hi he continues to hold on day 5 of no food or fluid as. The palliative care team have now set up a driver with sedative and pain killer, as his breathing is so very laboured. We now know he had aspirated at some point so this was inevitable. We had a dreadful night last night but he appears more settled tonight. So hopefully will find the strength to leave us. I am just so very much heartbroken and so very tired not much sleep in almost 5 nights!!! Thanks for your concern xxxx

  • I so hope for a peaceful end for him and you all.

    love and hugs, Jean x

  • I know hang in there ...sending you lots of hugs and good energy and prayers....

    And a verse (6) from an old Hymn,

    Peace, Perfect Peace


    George T Caldbeck

    It is enough, earths struggles soon will cease;

    And Jesus calls us (now) to Heavens perfect Peace

  • Andrea, I really feel for you. I have been in this position with my dad, he had cancer. My sister and I sat with him in his last week and got very little rest but we both wanted to be there for him just like you. Even though it is hard, painful and exhausting for you, when his end comes you will be glad you did, I know we we're and that your dad is finally at peace and free from PSP. Will pray that you will get strength to get through this very difficult time.

    Lots of love, Nanny857 xx

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