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CBD - Scratching and poking eyes


My father has CBD and is in the final stages no confined to his bed. He seems comfortable enough as far as we can tell - he no longer has any speech at all - however he has started in the last couple of days to scratch his head alot and also rub his eyes very vigirously causing alot of irritation to his right eye in particular. Has anyone else come across this at all and have any ideas for a solution?

Many thanks also for all your posts and help to date. This is a fantastic community and all your posts have been a great source of information and comfort to our family.

Best regards


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I do not know the differences between CBD and PSP, My solution would be an eye dr., or at least his gp and then go from there. He may have an irritation or a n infection that ends up in him scratching and poking. can he understand you if you ask him about his eye?...can he point to letters on a letter board to spell out his response? It may not be the eye at all. Sinuses are right near the eye and if he is anything like me, It feels like a knife going through my eye when I have a sinus infection.....I once went to the dentist and told him to pull that tooth....he took a look and said yah thats not your tooth giving you the pain.....went to my dr who gave me a litany of antibiotics or something!

And one very remote chance he is just trying to feel and/or maybe communicate something.?

Hope he gets better soon,



Hi Graeme.

My husband has the dreaded CBD.

He too suffers the scratching and rubbing of the eyes.

Too alleviate the problems I give him antihistamines for the itching and eye spray from boots chemist. Both seem to give comfort.

Hope this helps.



Hi Graeme, my wife with CBD, also scratches a rubs her eye and nose with right hand (unable to use her ridged left arm) I started putting a thin cotton glove which helped also putting a bean bag or squidgy toy in her hand helps to alleviate the constant finger movement although she stills rubs during the night. There was a time when she was always holding the right side of her head which was a heavy bout of neurological pain.

I don't understand how you know your father is in his final stages, unless he has had CBD for 8 -10 years. Swallowing down the wrong tube and chocking leading to phenomena is my greatest fear. Loving patience with constant reassurance and gentle support and help, calms my wife.

Best wishes


Hi so sorry about your dad, my husband has had CBD now for 12 years now, he is complaining about his eye being watery and is having trouble seeing clear,they are very itchy also. we did go see the eye dr he said everything looked good. So I'm thinking it's coming from the CBD am I right.


Hi ,

My dad has CBD also. His eyes are constantly dry and itchy. I boil the kettle, let the water cool and wipe. sometimes adding cucumbers to the water. ( if he will allow you to put them over his eyes do so, my dad won't)

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and distiled water is also good for eyes




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