Daddy, my daughter and me just 3 little years ago 9-13

Daddy, my daughter and me just 3 little years ago 9-13

Daddy had not been correctly diagnosed at the time this pic was taken in Sept of 2013, although he'd been showing symptoms for a decade, since 2006. His first symptom was double vision. Then the falls began, which because these falls were usually backwards with little or no effort/ability on his part, to break the fall or catch himself, he's taken some HARD hits. He can no longer walk or stand, which limits his falls, but thinking back when he was falling often, despite his carers great efforts to prevent it, it's amazing he wasn't more seriously injured, He fells backwards off the top of his boat and out the back of a pickup truck and into walls and floors and more, leaving many dents in everything, even iron. This photo seems like a decade ago, but it's only been 3 years. There was still a light in his eyes that probably isn't there anymore. And check him out, standing all cool with his hand in his pocket and his other arm around my baby, looking genuinely pleased and happy. Oh how I miss him already because the man in this pic is sadly already gone... gone but yet, not. I don't want him to ever be gone and try with all my might to muster up any denial I can find. Ha, it doesn't work very well. And please know I don't really look that scary, my eyes were blinking and not fully open making me appear.. well, scary! Thanks for letting me share. Sheila

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  • What a lovely picture. It is sad to see how our loved ones have changed in such a short time isn't it. I find it amazing how so many folk living with PSP manage to have so many horrific falls without doing serious injury to themselves. My husband ended up with dreadful bruises but always said nothing hurt. My hubby appears gone but I know he is still in there and understands everything I say so I chatter away to him a lot during the day.

    I don't think your eyes look scary. I don't know you but to me it is a lovely family photo. Thanks for posting it.


  • Thank you for sharing a lovely photo. Yes it is surprising how quickly things change. I look at pictures that were taken in march/april time with Brian enjoying a drink at our local pub. Now he can't even pick up a spoon. But we have made some good memories while we could/can. Things are different but we still are making memories.


  • Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just have to ask, especially since your daughter's picture is so engaging, how is she doing?

  • My baby Emily.. she's delightful and her Granddaddy loves her so much. I'll never forget during one of her first dance recitals when she was just a little girl of about 5, she was front and centerstage, and adorable. I looked over at my very strong tough Daddy who traveled to be there, and he had a tear rolling down his cheek. She'd moved away for college, TOO far away but this year, she's BACK going to college closeby. She wants to be a physician's assistant. Thanks very much for asking... my favorite subject haha!

  • What a lovely picture . Indeed your dad has light in his eyes. He looks like a nice man...infact ya'll look like a nice family , Your daughter looks like one of my daughters friends...I am wondering if you are from NW Arkansas...haha...It truly is amazing to tread the stories of these patients,. the things they did for a living, their hobbies and interests, and within a few short years all of that is pretty much gone....B will never ski again....I can't seem to get rid of his gear..He has left holes everywhere and a dent in the brick wall at church.....and now he can't even eat or pee on his poor B.... It's not so much denial Reality slaps us in th e face daily; it's more a weird acceptance a new normal...nothing is going to get better except maybe small little blips of a smile or able to walk or talk better toda....but you know; we all know it's

    At hospital last night I used that word to the Dr and staff and they knew immediately B's condition...They did not need to know much more . I tried to enlighten the nurse but felt like it was a rather futile attempt. She was sweet and attentive to his needs putting anymore on her plate was again, futiile

    B is awake, bye


  • Lovely warm picture to cherish, this PSP game is a difficult one to master, seems it always wins in the end. Hold on to the memories difficult as it is, they are the ones that will remain with you.

    Much love

    Kate xx

  • Lovely picture, you don't look scary , you all look so happy, I hate this PSP so much xxxxx

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