Umbilical tube uses????

Hi there again my fellow PSP "sufferers and Carers"!!!! I had an interesting scenario occur in my life this morning - My daughter - in-law Jo, is presently 7.5 months pregnant and she asked me if I knew if any research either had been done or was in the process of being done in the PSP arena alongside Umbilical cords - I told her I was unaware of anything but that I would look into it further - she then went on to say about how umbilical cords are being used (HOW?????) for allergies etc etc. so I am not sure how they (it) could be used to help someone who has been diagnosed with PSP (ie ME) but I am willing to look into it more, particularly in that Jo also said that she and my son, Clayton, would be very happy if I could use her Umbilical cord (after they have finished with it!!!). So if anyone knows anything about this subject, I would REALLY appreciate the feedback. Thanks again for listening x x x x

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  • Very interesting! How exciting to be expecting a new grandchild, something nice to look forward to. I know nothing about umbilical chord use but look forward to more knowledgeable replies.


  • Thank you so much NannaB for your response!!!!!! And yes, it is very exciting to be expecting another granddaughter!!! XXXXX

  • It will come under stem cell research. They use it for parkinsons so it may be possible to get some benifit for the psp. Janexx

  • Thank you so much Jane - now it will be a case of seeing if Australia is involved with it at all!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

  • BindiLeech being as you are in Australia try logging onto "stem cell Australia" they might be able to tell you more. If your daughter in law wants she can donate the cord to treat other children that are ill. Janexx

  • That's what I was thinking JZ!

  • wow...I would google umbilical cord uses in neurological disorders or neuro-degeneative diseases....or something to that effect....Or be more specific and the uses in Parkinsonism (?) Parkinsosns Alzheimers etc

    Goodluck I might have a go at it myself


  • Google stem cell research, they should knoe

  • I can just see the headlines," Umbilical stem cells cure Thingy:)

  • Hilarious! Thanks, Jayne. Three a.m. and you made me laugh. Ec

  • Ec, I think it's funny that you are up at 3am and on here-so me. Woke up at 4:30 am on my coast with him twisted in heis covers.

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