Hi there, this isn't nessecarily PSP sufferer based

My grandad recently died after suffering with PSP and when I have looked around to find a special gift for my mum I have found that Links of London do a lovely hummingbird charm (they do a silver one and a colourful one) which with the symbol of PSP being a hummingbird seemed quite fitting!

Just thought I would share for those who would like the idea of something so special to themselves ☺️

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  • Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Thanks for sharing a nice thought.

  • So sorry about your grandad but he is now free from PSP. I've looked up the humming bird charm on the Internet and it seems very appropriate. I may get it for myself next Christmas as a gift from my darling who has PSP. My son is also involved in something called the humming bird project. Nothing to do with PSP but for me to have the charm would be for both of them. Thanks for posting.


  • Charming! It sounds lovely, a sweet memento for your mother. Very thoughtful of you.

  • Your Mum will love that. I love hummingbirds so will have a look myself. I could not see that was the symbol for PSP, where did you see that. I looked all over the PSP Association's website.

  • The diagnosis used for PSP is the 'hummingbird shape in the brain'. I can remember the consultant saying that is the clincher. He showed us on the xray - a def shape. You will have to look further into this - at the time we were upset so I wasn't taking that much in but the Dr sat in his chair and mimed the shape with his body and I can still remember his charm x

  • Never heard of that... will be a good one to bring up at the neurologist next time! It's about the only charming thing this disease. Thank you for sharing. x

  • Our neurologist said Hummingbird is early PSP. More advanced in the Penguin shape!

  • Thank you for that - appreciated. Made me chuckle thinking how Mr Dafalla would have mimed the penguin!! Good idea which is why I am still smiling xx

  • Lovely thought. Thanks and sorry to hear about your Grandad. He is at peace now.

  • Will look at that . Thanks for sharing

  • Im sorry this awful disease took your grandad from you. That is a lovely idea of a present for your mum. Take care, Nanny857 xx

  • Sorry for your loss but this horrible illness can't hurt him anymore. The doctor at the hospital said after George had the brain scan, about George had the hummingbird shape, and that he definitely had PSP. Xxx

  • Xx

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