Warmth in the air

Today , couldn't you just smell the warmth in the air for the first time this year . It was a day of scents , gone is the all-pervading slightly sickly sweet smell of oilseed rape which envelops our village at this time of year , as we are surrounded by garish yellow fields which have now changed into different tones of green and blended with fresh grasses and wheat . Instead now it is the scent of Lilac , May and Wisteria .Just up the road from our house , there is a wonderfully opulent white wisteria whose blooms hang like bejewelled christmas tree decorations over the top of a lovely gnarled old stone wall . If you walk underneath the dripping blossom there is a delicate scent which far outdoes anything created by Yves St Laurent or Coco Chanel .I could stand there forever just breathing in and savouring the elusively delicate perfume .If only I could bottle it - well perhaps not , best left to nature to treat me an a warm sunny day .

In the fields around us the first silage is already cut and giant swiss rolls of grass lie randomly scattered warming in the sun waiting to be collected for next winter's feed , another all embracing memorable scent .Out and about in the village one can hear the sound of mowers ,not the clackerty clack which is so evocative of my childhood but the smooth purr of electric motors - but it doesn't alter the scent of fresh mown grass - who can resist it .

Devon is looking spectacularly beautiful at present with an abundance of spring blossom - but shut your eyes for a moment , breath in and enter another world .

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  • Thanks Georgepa, your discription is so vivid, I can almost smell the perfume from here. Have another lovely day today.


  • Oh yes George we have the same here in Somerset.My magnolia has masked the Rape seed smell for me.

    Des has been on a low dose of Quetiapine and this has restored peace and harmony in the house.It also means my phantom lover that I have been keeping upstairs has gone,such a relief!!Living with a PSP sufferer is tiring enough without the burden of a lover! Also it has restored his appetite which helps with the constipation so all in all a very much happier house.

    We have his sister-in-laws funeral next week,very sad but relieved she is no longer suffering.That is the third of his all younger in eighteen months,all three had helped earlier to look after Des.

    Enjoy the weather while we have it! Px

  • You are not alone on this one .Apparently I am having affairs with at least two of the carers and the OT . I am exhausted !

  • Oh George so love your posts, I remember George saying I was having an affair with so many people, I felt tired also, the PSP is so unfair. Horrible day today in bishops Stortford. Fingers crossed for next Sunday, we are having George's 70th birthday party in the garden, so please could you all keep your fingers crossed for me. Love to you all Yvonne xxxxxx

  • The first wave of post war babies! My guy was also born in 46, and we had his 70th party outside on April 30, a day before his May Day birthday. Happy birthday to George! Our party was lovely. I hope yours is, too!

  • Think weather might improve by Sunday. Have a lovely party. Great memories.

    love, Jean x

  • Hi Yvonne, haven't been on much recently as we are having building work done to the house. It's Sunday and no builders so trying to catch up on the posts.

    Wishing George a happy birthday and that the party in the garden goes well. (Not sure what your weather is like but hope it stays dry).

    Lots of love Nanny857 xx

  • Thank you a lovely day had by all xxxxx

  • Lovely description of this wonderful time of year when the greens of the countryside are so fresh and clean. A couple of weeks ago we wandered around a bluebell wood that has flat smooth paths and benches to sit and ponder. The beauty and smell of bluebell woods is a joy to behold and you want it to last forever. They have now disappeared for another year but you hold that image and smell in your head.

    Kate x

  • Wonderful! Thank you for transporting me into another world. X

  • Thank you for sharing that Georgepa, so good for the heart .

    Unfortunately all I can smell is from the v large tree opposite me which smells like cats Wee. .

  • While my mum was in a nursing she would cry for John worrying because I was having an affair with one of her carers .. She was so upset about it . Told me I never thought you would do such a thing .

  • It is so beautiful ! The rains here have created something just as beautiful.....waterfalls today; where yesterday there were none. Some are mere trickles while others beginning high atop the Ozarks seem like they have been flowing for ever....The fresh scent of rain water seems as though I have experienced this again for the first time .

    Beauty all over the world!

  • I have wanted to explore the Ozarks. Now I just have to! Thanks, Mrs. Birke. I can hear the falls singing.

  • wouldn't it be nice to go Hiking?

  • And if you ever get to go hiking in the Ozarks ec, ring me up we'll do a day on paths and or making our own hahahha

  • Sounds like fun! Wouldn't it be a hoot!

  • That sounds just lovely .

  • Oh my oh my. George, your lovely evocative descriptions of your countryside rival any I have read in my life, and I am, or was, a reader, especially of English literature. Thank you. I always find joy and hearts ease in the fragrance of flowers, but lilacs are the most effective, and right now my house is filled with that sweet scent. Maine is awash with lilac now, and I cut an armload up at the farm today to bring back to town, as those here were hit with an unseasonable heatwave last week and are fading fast. The lilacs up in the mountains will last a bit longer. I also have a pretty carpet of lily-of-the-valley by my door here, and a small bunch of those will go with me to work tomorrow. This is a kindly, generous time of year, and it's good to be kept mindful of these gifts. Thanks again. Love and lilacs, ec

  • Now lilac growing wild on the mountain side , that's something I would like to see .

  • There are lots of lilacs where farmhouses used to be up there, only stone cellar holes and lilacs left to testify to lives long gone, fields all turned back to forest, with stone walls encircling memories of farms, now failing to keep out or contain the wilderness.

  • You have a lovely turn of phrase yourself.I always enjoy your passages about Maine..love Georgepa.

  • That sounds lovely. Mountains full of memories !

    love, Jean x

  • Maybe we should go hiking in your beautiful flower filled mountains!

  • I'd better start training!

  • Thanks. Just reading makes me feel warm. Just needs the gentle whack of leather on willow for it to be as near heaven as I can imagine. It just goes to show what a varied environment we have in this island. Warm and sunny in one part a a few miles away, cold,grey and windy. Woken up during the night to the arrival of the summer monsoon.

  • Up in Yorkshire and its cold and windy !!

    Your description very welcome. Can just imagine it. Coming up here four days ago it was beautiful and seeing the fields full of tall golden buttercups in the sun was really special. I remember that from my last visit to Devon, too. Cows chewing their cud surrounded by buttercups. Memories from my childhood, cycling through tiny lanes, wild flowers and full of birdsong. Those were the days.

    Sound [ and feel ] old.

    Love Jean x

  • You don't sound old Jean ,just wistful .

    Love Georgepa

  • And so I am !!!

    Love, Jean x

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