My DLA runs out in May this year and I received the new pip form to complete. I had the form filled in on my behalf and checked by our local expert at the action centre Retford. I enclosed all of my scans (MRI. DATSCAN. CT & SPECTSCAN) plus the more recent reports giving the diagnosis from two professors of neurology, a report from social services detailing my difficulties and how they assessed my need and putting in place 42hrs per week assisted care package and finally a report from the Clinical Services Dept awarding me a Personal payment package. The lady the action centre thought that I wouldn't need to send all this information (my wife agreed) but guess what!


Now I have no problem with the visit as it's as plain as the nose on my face the daily challenges we go through as a sufferer of PSP and the strain it has on the family, but my point is WHAT A WAIST OF THEIR TIME and I HOPE THAT ALL PEOPLE APPLYING FOR PIP are subject to the same scrutiny.

There you go rant over and I feel better for it hahaha

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  • Unbelievable.

  • hii i agree with steve below



  • A waste of time but so much more interesting for the member of staff than sitting in an office shuffling paper. I expect they will be offered a cuppa and a biscuit and they will only have to do a fraction of the work they could be doing in an office. There you are, you've probably made someone very happy.

    I know it sounds horrible, but be as helpless as you are on a bad day even if you are having a good day. I don't know how mobile you are but maybe have a reason to get out of your chair so they can see how difficult it can be. Falling into their lap may help but that's going too far so ignore that. If they can't accept what they see on paper, seeing someone sitting and saying what they already have read won't help. They have to see it as it is. Not a day to be on your best behaviour. My dad (not PSP) missed out on a lot of help/equipment etc as whenever he was assessed he had to prove to himself and show off to the assessors, that in his 90s he was still able to be independent. When they left, telling him how well he does for his age, he reverted back to the struggling man he really was. It was maddening and then he would be cross when he received letters saying he wasn't entitled to this or that. He couldn't see it was how he had performed at the assessment.

    C is staying with the DLA because of his age and reading your post, I'm glad he is.

    I hope you get what you need. Keep us posted please. I'll be interested to know what they ask you.


  • Now why does that not surprise me? Typical!

  • iaagree with what has been sadllol jill


  • I Dont' know, I think what NannaB said, falling into the lap of an assessor, may be just the thing to help them see your needs....or at least right in front of them You know as you are about to serve them there cuppa (I don't know exactly what that is but i'm thinking tea, right?) hahaha. My husband has a tendency to use as good of articulation as he can with guests. So in light of that, may I encourage you to talk like youre' talking to your mate! Show them how you've moved the furniture or in the case of my husband fallen through this or that wall! I hope that doesn't scare of offend you....but if you want THEM to tell YOU that you need services, pull out all the.....the....I can't remember the word but pull it all out and give 'em a show!

    Good luck friend ,


  • Allany I did the paperwork for M in Jan (initial forms delayed in Xmas post so only had 5 days to register but that is another story) got CAB to go over the reply to check DWP descriptor words used plus all letters from specialists updated for Jan16, got reply last week M accepted to transfer to PIP at enhanced rate as her scores were max.  Sounds as though got someone who wants a day out.  Remember to lay it out for a bad day do not try to do things out of pride or they will mark you down.  Though they say no need for professionals to attend try and get someone as a witness if you can film or record meeting. Before the meeting why not ask CAB for hints about what happens they could also be help in   Case of appeal.

    Good luck best wishes Tim

  • It's a shame they don't send someone to take over for 24 hrs whilst you go to a nice hotel for the night. I'm sure they would soon verify that you would be awarded the PIP payment without any second thoughts. Don't get me started!!!!!

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