Help in enabling me to keep our dog at home

My husband is falling more regularly now. We have a most wonderful dog (a Toller) who is so intelligent and just a fab personality and my saving grace these days. But because we are in a 55+ retirement village, we do not have a garden, so Saxon has to be walked several times a day. I always ensure my husband has everything to hand before I got out with the dog and make him promise not to move off the sofa till I get back. Of course on the odd occasion he has ignored this and I get back to him on the floor. Therefore Saxon is not getting the length of walk he needs as I am obviously rather stressed to what is happening at home and if hubby fallen and hurt himself. So over the weekend I took the emotion out of everything and considered that for Saxon's sake he needed to be re-homed as this wasn't fair on him. He is a well cared for and rather spoilt, in a good way, when at home, we play with his numerous toys and he is treated as one of the family so the decision was utterly destroying but his welfare comes first. After thinking I would need to let him go, a lady called me and said try contacting The Cinnamon Trust, they are there to help in these situations. So I am posting because if anyone else is having to struggle with pets in anyway, this charity based in Cornwall, UK will listen to your situation and can offer everything from volunteers doing day dogwalks to temporary respite in a volunteer home to taking the pet (when an elderly person has to go into care but cannot take the pet) into their home and ensuring the owner gets regular photos, letters etc on how the pet is continuing. They do this for both the elderly and people who have terminal illness. I was accepted provisionally yesterday and there is about a week of getting stuff ready, including a trial dog walk with Saxon and then I should get two long walks for him a day. That will mean I can do the comfort morning and night breaks and not be too stressed. I cannot afford daily dog walkers, but if this comes off I shall certainly be making a monthly donation. Being able to keep Saxon is better than winning any lottery. So if anyone needs help, they are a phone call away and extremely caring

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  • That's great! I am so glad you are able to keep your furry friend at home. I can imagine how painful the alternative would be. Saxon sounds a lovely fellow. Thanks for the happy story. Love Ec

  • wow good for you.. It's amazing the help that is out there while we sit on our island seemingly all alone....yet if we glintz past the pain of our lives we see that there are people willing to help...and you found them...I do hope it works out for you and Saxon And your husband!


  • Thats brilliant. I will remember their name. I too, struggle to take our young dog out, as much as he would like. But we do have a large garden and he charged around indoors, enough exercise for any dog. I use my time I have Carers in for S, to take him out for a decent walk. The rest, it's 20 minutes around the block. S can usually stay put for that long, well some of the time!!!! The pleasure we get from Ollie, out weighs most of the problems!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Your last sentence is so true Heady. I would have been broken hearted to have let Saxon go, but you have to take the emotion out and do the practical thing at the end of the day for the pet. Saxon is a Toller and his intelligence level is extremely high so exercise is a big need. He excels at agility and flyball which he can do at our regular kennels and has won certificates. He is far to pretty to be a boy though. He is my saving grace and seems to understand my husbands limitations

  • Yeah, Ollie, knows exactly where to go for a free meal. Almost bully's S at times, but he is very gentle and knows how to weave in and out of the wheels of the wheelchair without tripping him up!

    Lots of love


  • That is an amazing story and I am so touched by the kindness of the people willing to help you with your dog. I hope it works out for you.

  • GillJan, have they come out yet and how is it working out? I'm also a big dog lover and when I moved in last Aug of '15 to live with Daddy and his wife to help out, I brought my dog, a 2 yr old labrador retriever who is full of energy, and she too knows where to look for a free meal because Daddy has a hard time always making contact to his mouth from his eating utensil! I'm so glad that before his PSP when I'd come to visit I always brought my pup inside with me, love me love my dog haha! And now, the dog gives Daddy a bit of a MUCH needed diversion from the only thing he does all day which is sit in front of the TV. He can't walk and even transferring him is difficult. But ya know what.. I'll read things like this on here and it sure seems like the USA is sorely lacking when it comes to helping people in our situations dealing with PSP and other similar situations.

  • Yes I now have 6 volunteer walkers, so Saxon gets at least an hour, sometimes more, good walk each day. Two men are doing evening works after they finish work and share alternate weekends for me. Hubby in respite from Thursday and Saxon is going to friends so I can totally chill out

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