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Time off Work


I desperately want to spend as much time with dad as I can and I'm considering taking time off work. I work full time so only got to see dad on a night for a few hours before I need to go and do family meal etc. I of course have more time on a weekend but with a son still at home of school age have other commitments too. I want to support mam more and my boys. My older son works in dads care home which is a great comfort, however he is very close to his grandfather and is struggling to accept his decline so I need to be there and strong for him as well as mam and younger son. Is there a right time to have time out of work???? Dad is in advanced stages by I'm not sure it's just end of life stage as yet. Has anyone else taken time off? How did you manage it? Was your employer sympathetic?

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hi andyclearall hows it goiing ok I hopewellmate if you can get time off without losing your joband causing noupset I would take it because you only get one dad matey but if its going gto mean yo u losr your job and have a bit of trouble I would stick to the weekends matey see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke take care mate

sorry about typing one fingr wizard

Maybe have a talk with your boss about situation. He may be able to give you afternoons off every other day; or one day a week or maybe every other day! I don't know but in the US they may have extended sick leave that gives you 6 weeks off....kind of like maternity leave.......That was talked about some years ago....I just don't know if it panned out.....Talk to your employer...they may be more sympathetic than you thought



My boss has been very sympathetic, and I am allowed to come and go pretty much as I please, although she says I earned the consideration over my nearly 30 years here. I wouldn't wait until the end stages, but would take what time you can sooner, rather than later.

Hey AC, It's been 3 days since this post, Just wondering how things are going?

Andyclairea1 in reply to abirke

Hi abirke, I haven't managed to speak with my manager as yet re time off. I'm plodding on seeing dad on a night. He's not managing to eat much but is drinking some fluids. I've spoken to his nurses whe advise I will know when i need to take the time off but I feel I want some quality time now before the end stages. I've started reading to dad to offer something different. He always read to me when I was a little girl talk, about role reversal. Hope all is well with you xxxx

Well remember until they know your wants and needs, they'll put you on the schedule like everyone else! B and I have begun to read together again too! I'm the one reading but I have to stop and ask him, "what did I just read" right now it's in the book of Jeremiah and If ever you want to read a prophet that speaks right to you ....man o man! He sits most days with ebooks from library....He loves to read and was quite the history buff in his day. This made for lively talk at the dinner table when the kids and he would have discussions about world history....I tell you the truth History (always my most boring subject) was come alive during dinner at the Birkes...haahaha

Let me support you again to go and talk to your manager....just do it...


Andyclairea1 in reply to abirke

I hope to do it tomorrow so I will keep you posted. She is very understanding and allows an early finish once a week which I am rerely able to take!!! It's the wider organisation issues I suppose. I work for our local authority so council policy applies across the board!!! Heres hoping, thanks for your support xxx


Well I've got the time off work!!! Got a sick nite from my GP. 2 weeks initially. Sadly the decision has now been made to stop all of dads meds so I guess we can say we are in the end of life stage. I fully intend to have as much time with him as posible time I will never have again. The pain in my heart is overwhelming!!! 😢 Love to you all xxx

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