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sweating profusely


from two or three weeks, my mum (psp affected since six years) with no apparently reason, during the day, suddenly began to fidget on her chair , her face become red , her heartbeat accelerate, and she sweats profusely.

This continues just for a few minute to an half our: does anyone experied on it?

She can't speak, walk, see: it' a very very horrible desease!

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Hi yes I think we have all experienced this at some point . Sweating is part of PSP but keep an eye on it as it could be the start of a UTI or chest infection if it goes away after a while then you can just put it down to the condition x


Yes, this happens quite regularly. The GP said PSP was affecting the part of the brain that regulates temperature. As Escada29 said though, if it continues high and doesn't drop check for infection.



This happens with us too, especially at night when in bed. Have to change sheets most nights.





While it may be, probably is, psp, I have to ask whether it might be hormonal hot flashes. Unfortunately, having psp doesn't make a person immune from other things! I have heard that sage tea helps with the sweating, but haven't had occasion to try it myself. Best wishes, ec


Thanks to all of you : it's just another monster to fight with.

How many times mum can continue in this way?

She's a lovely one, and this is a very cruel injustice inflicted on her!


We all feel your pain., and may God give you the strength to continue, this illness is a very difficult pill to swallow both for you and the one you love ,love to you,Rollie


This also happened with my mother. I was one of those symptoms that appeared one day, lasted awhile, and then stopped. It was the same with groaning and a facial tick that was quite grotesque. We never pursued figuring anything out as eventually the symptoms stopped.


Has happened to my wife 3 times (that I know of) this month. I check her heart rate and its 130 (normally around 75) and her lips even look slightly blue. Each time I quickly strip her of her clothes and apply cold wash cloths. Within a minute or two everything is back to normal. In December her temp kept going from normal to 103 and back to normal. Her neuro told us that her brain couldn't regulate her body temp anymore. So I gave into using hospice services. But the temp eventually stabilized and now we're back to the old normal. Hallelujah!



many thanks Ketchupman.

All of best to you and your wife


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