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I was diagnosed with CBD this time last year. I too experience accute tiredness it comes on suddenly and I can sleep for hours on end.I try to fight it by keeping myself busy and avoid going into my lounge.From what I have read on this dorma I think I am one of the lucky ones as to date have only lost the use of my right arm and hand my speech is going and I don't feel very steady on my legs but can't say I feel I' husband is absolute saint I couldn't manage without him. Sitting typing this I feel sleep is coming on.

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Keep in touch with us. My husband was diagnosed also last year with CBD and has the same symptoms you have. He is better with the sleeping during the day as long as I get him up and keep him busy. I take him wherever I go. He takes 150 mg Effexor in the morning and serequel at bedtime.


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