I was afraid that would happen an it did. Severe bout of IBS, second one since Don got sick,. Weak as a kitten and don't know what to do. No help. I asked him to put a pot on the stove to cook some frozen stuff for me and it wasn't completely on the burner. Just checked the kitchen and he never turned the burner off. I am a wreck and have to get better to take care of him.

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  • Oh dear hope you are feeling better soon, and you get someone to help you out until you are feeling better, sending you a big get well hug. I have been up since 3 o'clock with George messed him self and he keeps calling me. I am waiting for doctor to ring me back, sugar level very high. God I need some patients, I am so tired xxxxx

  • That's bad! I hope you manage to get some sleep during the day.








  • Hi Jill we are still waiting for the doctor to come also district nurse said she would come, still waiting xxxxx

  • Oh dear Yvonne, I hope you have managed to cope and will get some help and well earned sleep. Wow this is a tough journey Ben and I are embarking on. Xx

  • Yvonne, I hope you can get him straightened out soon. As for me getting help, can't do it. Try to rest, since I got sick 2 weeks ago, I spend a lot of time in bed. Prob is during the day he has to take his meds every 3 hours and he sure as hell doesn't know which ones they are. I feel so weak its not a joke.



  • Oh dear, I'm so sorry you feel so unwell. When all you want to do is curl up in bed and you have to care for someone else instead, it's so hard. Have you ever had friends say they would always help if you need it? If you have, give them a ring and take them up on their offer. Being in the the UK, I don't know how things work where you are but you need help now so let whoever you can, know you are desperate.

    Here's hoping you get help soon so you can recover.


  • Feeling so sorry for both of you being ill. Its a carers worse nightmare and trying to cope when we feel ill is the worse thing ever. Really hope you can have some naps and at least feel a little better. Sending virtual hugs to you both - doesn't help much practically but hopefully knowing we are all thinking about you may help emotionally.

    Pauline xx

  • All I can do is offer you my prayers, it is the nightmare we all have what happens when we are ill who looks after both of us.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Oh my god, you poor woman. Just do the best you can for the short term until you stronger. All our partners are stronger than we think and can survive a few less comforts for awhile. The shame of this disease is that we're all so far apart we can't physically help each other to get past a crisis time. Try to look forward and look after yourself.

  • Hi, Audrey, by being stressed and full of anxiety, you know will only take you one way! And we all know it's exactly the opposite way you need to go, to get better! If there is nobody to help, then you will have to try and get organised, so you can get the rest you need. Put off doing anything that will wait! As long as Don is safe and warm, then you are doing your job, eat toast, cereals anything that is easy to prepare. The most important thing, is you get better quick, give in, put the TV on, finding some thing to keep Don amused, then sleep! He will survive, not having 24/7 attention, or eating properly for a couple of days.

    When you are better, make sure you stock up with quick and easy meals, tinned soup, tinned meat, always keep some bread in the freezer. Meals, that you know you will be able to manage, so You both can eat.

    This will pass, I sure it feels like a life time already, but you both will get through!!!

    Sending you lots of love and a big hug.

    Lots of love


  • Heady I have stuff in the freezer but not the strength to make it. Big problem. My daughter just doesn't get it. She went to the store for me to get it but constantly complains about how hard she works and she does but.... We have an aide who comes in 3 times a week for 2 hours each time. The only thing I let her do is wash the clothes, clean up the kitchen and baths and the floors. If D will let her she will give him a bath. That's it. I spend the day in bed as much as possible to build myself up but have to get up every 3 hours to make sure he takes his meds. I can't eat tinned meat, or canned soup. To much salt in both. so...... I have tried to come to terms with his condition. Not depression, well maybe a little bit but so angry at myself for getting sick. Now realize I will do the best I can but I am so afraid of what the future will bring.

    Big hugs and love back,

    Auddonz (aka Audrey)

  • I can relate to the anger! I'm angry at anyone and everyone! Just spent an hour with a counsellor, talking about this. Never came to any conclusions, except, we are all going through the grieving process, the anger, the constant searching for the holy grail of a cure! The depression, you name it, most of us have the tee-shirt. Every day, we lose another part of our loved ones and our own lives! It's no wonder these stress related illnesses grab you. Sleep Audrey, as much as you can. I hope though, time is starting to heal you.

    Lots of love


  • What a nightmare. Hope you find help so you can focus on yourself.

    Love and hugs, Jean x

  • I'm sorry darlin. Can you order out? Don't let him near the stove B has been banned from all kitchen gadgetry. though he pretty much banned himself. B gave himself 3d degree burns, on many occasion started gas without lighting stove and when did, a small explosion! and once started a small kitchen fire.....ORDER OUT...or microwave...though thats how b got his burns.....

    I do hope you are feeling better soon. IBS can be caused by stress...go figure... so maybe yoga on tv so you didn't have to leave, but you could do something for yourself.....I really wish we could get together and start our own daycare where groups were scheduled once or twice a month to hang out with others' mates . We would all take turns so everyone would have 2 or 3 days amonth to do whatever! I would come over and make you some vegetable soup that lasts for a couple days....put some flax seed and or quinoa for healthy bowel and have a fun chat...maybe drink some of that mulled wine ya'll been talking about....hahaha

    Well sending you a hug anyway,


  • I'm feeling so badly for the situation you are in. Know we care and please keep us up to date. Hugs

  • xxx

  • Oh what a predicament to find yourself in, it seems a terrible thing that when you as a career are ill you have no backup to help you both through until you feel well enough to get back to caring for him. Makes you wish for times gone by when families and communities pulled together to care. Hope you get some help and manage to get yourself well again. Xxx

  • So sorry for you, I know the worry if you dont feel well, nobody to mind you, just have to get better its frighting. I can understand how wrecked you are, its so so hard. Try and take care of yourself. xxx

  • Strong good thoughts going your way. Big BIG {{{{ HUGS}}}}

  • Very sorry you are unwell Audrey. It is so hard but do try to take care of yourself and call in any offers of help.


  • Hope you are feeling better. So sorry for your struggles.

  • I hope you feel better soon. What a terrible time to be ill. Big hug

  • TY joandand bear. There is no time to be ill. Hug back.

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