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My mum is losing weight fairly rapidly and now weighs about 42kg. She is still able to eat and drink ( puréed food and thickened drinks). However for the past couple of months she has been eating one or two spoonfuls at each meal and then spitting the rest of her food out, even when offered alternatives. She can sometimes say she doesn't want it but on others doesn't communicate and just spits it out. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you x

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Right now, I am going through a period of choking and then not taking any more food after a couple of mouthfuls which he may or may not swallow. He is sleeping most of the day and I cannot get him awake enough to give him anything as he is always laying down. When he does sit up in his recliner lift chair he breathes in a snore. He sounds when he is choking like he is congested but no fever. Very worried and Dr. is away for a couple of weeks. The only other option is to call 911 and send him to the hospital. This is day 2 of this. Please don't suggest PEG Tube as that is not an option. Getting weaker.


Hi, I'm so sorry. I'm in the uk and my mum is now in s nursing home. Peg not appropriate for mum either. Only thing can say is mum had done the all day sleeping etc for a couple of days at a time and then seems to come out of it. Not sure how US system works with regards to additional support x


plz stick with what he wants i.e. no peg feed and call an emergency d r to ensure je does not ge t weaker

i am finding that my food goes straight thro me and i am eating well but losing weight as well

can a dietician help him at all?

jus ta thought prob no use at all./...

hope u get some help soon

lol jill



Thanks Jill


If they can drink thickend drinks try makeing complan with whole milk and adding a couple of scoops of marvel dried milk (other brands available) that will make it high calaries and good nutrition as well. Janexx

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Thanks Jane x


Hi if she does not want a PEG then you need to contact a nutritionist via your GP/Dr to discuss high calorific smooth food. They also will be able to assist in sorting out weight loss. My wife lost 30% of her weight before having a PEG but she discussed it with us all and as her swallow reflex had gone having a PEG also helped ease her apiration and pain from food fight.

PEG are not for everyone as they are force feeding and can be an irritant. If your mum does not want one it is her decision and must be respected.

Hope she can control her weight loss. Best wishes Tim


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