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final stages

you will have to excuse I have only just enrolled. Just wondering if there are any signs of final stages in the parkinsons psp. My Dad has been diagnosed he has had it for the past 7 years. He was taken into hospital after a fall and 7 weeks later still there he has got considerably worse. We are just waiting for a placement as the social worker says he needs 24 hour care. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear your dad is in hospital. It is unlikely they can do anything for him, and given the progressive nature of the disease, I hope you can get him out asap. He might seem unwell, but today might be as good as it gets, so if you can get him out into the sunshine, or expose him to something uplifting, that would be great. He can do nothing for himself now. His quality of life might be entirely in your hands.

End of life signs? Pneumonia, or choking, other infection...


Hi Kazza12 sorry you have to join us but you are very welcome. Final stage of PSP is not easy to say as each case different. PSP is not cause of death but the facilitator. According to the literature PSP triggers either a bad fall or pneumonia from aspiration. If he has been diagnosed for 7 years, he should have had social workers, OT's, physio's and carers it sounds as though local gov and NHS have let him down. He needs to get assistance. He should also have been entitled to Attendance Allowance you need to contact CAB or Money Advice Centres to get the funding he is entitled to.

Hope you get some aid from this site, best wishes Tim


I'm nearly at that point. Almost total paralysis (I'm using a gadget to write this) seems to be the most obvious sign. Death normally arises from falls or pneumonia and they are not predictable. Sorry not to be of more help.

Keep well


Get him home and if you can I know its hard but try to get him in warm water therapy he will feel almost normal for a little while my Aunt can walk again move her arms walk in place she said she would stay in there all the time if she could. She has no moter skill out side of water but a little arm movement but in it is amazing no one can give me a reason why she can move not one that satisfy me I ask why can her brain connect with her body parts in the water all i get is she has no weight but that not my question and give them all the love you can

hugs kryste


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